Revised Carpool Procedures

Monday, October 16 – Revision of Afternoon Pre-Kindergarten Dismissal
So as to eliminate the need for pre-kindergarten parents with siblings to walk across the courtyard to pick-up additional children prior to returning to their cars, beginning on Monday, siblings and carpool companions of afternoon pre-kindergarten students will exit the front doors of the school immediately following the pre-kindergarten children.  They will report to the dismissal area used for the pre-kindergarten, i.e. the sidewalk directly adjacent to the driveway across from the church.  After the pre-kindergarten parents have picked up all of their children at that location, they will return directly to their cars parked in front of the church.

Due to the business of the closing of a school day and these new procedures, parents wishing to check out their child/ren at the end of the school day must do so by 2:45 p.m.  Similarly, parents who wish to communicate a change regarding pick-up arrangements and/or use of the Extended Day program should contact the office by 2:45 p.m.

Tuesday, October 17 – Revision of Afternoon Dismissal Process for the Front Parking Lot
To increase efficiency by allowing two simultaneous lanes of traffic to exit the property, parents in the front parking lot are asked to park in accordance with their preference.  Those wishing to exit via Route 28/Center Street should park in Bays 1 & 2.  Those wishing to exit via Stonewall Road should park in Bay 3.  Vehicles will be dismissed beginning with the lane closest to the exit.  For example, in Bay 1, the first row of vehicles closest to the church will exit first and be followed by the remaining rows in Bays 1 & 2.  In Bay 3, the last row which is nearest Stonewall Road, will be dismissed first, followed by the remaining rows in the bay.  In short, we will continue with the practice of “first in, first out” and begin dismissing vehicles from the outer most rows.  Orange safety cones will be used to divide the two sections of traffic.  Parents who arrive late will continued to queue behind the rows of parked cars and proceed to Bay 1 once the lanes are clear.

We look forward to implementing these changes beginning next week and hope that they result in an even more efficient and safe dismissal process for our students and parents.  Should you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Again, thank you to all who participated in the survey process.

Cyber Safety – Oct. 17

At All Saints we are blessed with a strong and active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) focused
on two clear objectives: fostering a sense of community among the families in our school and
raising funds in support of school initiatives.

General Assembly Meetings of the PTO are held four times per year and include informational
sessions on a variety of topics. It is our goal to offer a series of high quality presentations each
year that provide inspiration, resources and guidance for parents on topics such as child
development, spiritual formation, technology, and safety.

Our first presentation this year will take place on Tuesday, October 17th beginning at 7:00
p.m. in the Parish Activities Center. I am pleased to share with you that representatives from
local law enforcement will speak on the topic of Cyber Safety.

This is a topic that we address every couple of years as it is one that is constantly changing as
technology continues to evolve. With this in mind, I strongly encourage one parent from each
family to attend this session. Our students are surrounded by technology and increasingly have
access to a world of information through mobile devices. As such, it is important that we
maintain an awareness of the risks and dangers that exist as well as strategies for safe-guarding
our young people and instill in them the importance of responsible use of technology.

I hope that many of you will be able to join us as we learn more about this important topic.
Parents who attend any of our PTO meetings earn Stewardship Shares (1 hour = 1 share).

Pilgrim Virtue Statue

Beginning in October, the month devoted to the Holy Rosary, All Saints Catholic School families are once again invited to renew their devotion to Jesus through Mary in a special way.  On Friday, October 13th, after being blessed at the school Mass, two statues of Our Lady of Fatima will begin traveling to the homes of our school families for week-long visits.

Families who wish to participate can sign up online at:

While the statue of the Blessed Mother is in the home, families are encouraged to pray together either part of or the entire 5-decade rosary for the intentions of our school as well as for their private intentions.

To create awareness about the program, the two statues will begin traveling from classroom to classroom on Friday.  In addition to informing the students of the opportunity to host one of the statues in their home, the teachers will lead the students in praying a novena that will conclude on October 12th, one day prior to the start of the program.

Should you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the rotation coordinator, Mrs. Julie Mantooth (

Order Your 60th Anniversary T-Shirt

6th Anniversary Spirit Shirts
Due to the popularity of the 60th Anniversary spirit shirts, we will be placing one final order.  If you are interested, please return the form linked at the end of today’s newsletter to your child’s homeroom teacher by October 13.  Forms may also be emailed to Kristi Hernandez at

60th Anniversary T-Shirt Order Form – Order by October 13

Join Us for our Veterans Celebration

Join us as our school community honors the commitment of the men and women who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces. We cordially invite all active duty, reserve, former and retired military personnel to attend this special Mass on Thursday, November 9 at 8:30 a.m.

Following the Mass, there will be an assembly in the PAC with American Legion Post 10 and our featured speaker. A reception for all honored guests will follow in Father Kelley Hall. All are welcome!!

Wall of Honor – Submit Your Brick
As part of our 2017 Veterans’ Mass, Assembly & Reception on Thursday, November 9, we will
once again be creating a Veterans Wall Display. Help us pay tribute to the men and women within our
community who have served our country by completing a red paper brick and the veteran survey form included in the student packet below:

2017 Veterans Day Student Packet

Title I Update

Title I is a federally funded initiative that provides services to benefit students in the elementary grades who are not yet showing mastery in math and/or reading.  In order to qualify for the program, students must be residents of the City of Manassas or live within the jurisdiction of a Title I zoned school in Prince William County and meet specific academic criteria.

Due to a change in schedules and assignments through Title I, Mrs. Pam Beckner will take the place of Mrs. Darianella Baret who was to have been our Title I teacher this year.  Welcome, Mrs. Beckner!

Mrs. Beckner and the faculty are finishing the referral process for students who meet the program criteria.  As we focus on differentiation in all of our classrooms, Title I continues to be a highly effective program for us in that it specifically targets the learning needs of students.  Should you have any questions about this program or your child’s eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact the office for more information.

2017-18 School Theme Announced

Our theme for this year is “Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness, righteousness and truth.”  Taken from St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, this scriptural reference provides us with a daily reminder and invitation to live our lives in accordance with the Gospel message.

During our opening of the school year assembly on Tuesday morning, I asked the students, “Who is the light?”  Before I had the opportunity to call on one of the children, a kindergarten cried out enthusiastically, “Jesus.” Isn’t it ironic that with the entire school community gathered, it was one of the youngest who simply wasn’t able to contain his exuberance.  Yet that is how we are called to respond to the love and presence of God in our lives – with a profound sense of gratitude and awe that compels us to share the story with others.  And this is what makes a Catholic school environment so entirely unique, for it is a place where the children encounter Christ each day and are inspired to share the light of His truth.

Thank you for choosing All Saints for your family.  We are delighted that you are part of our community and look forward to a year of abundant blessings for our students and community!

Middle School Introduces 1:1 Device Program

All Saints is pleased to announce that we will transition to a one-to-one device program in the middle school beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year. Students in the program will have access to a Chromebook for their use throughout the school day and at home.

In advance of the new year, 6th & 7th grade parents and students are asked to read and discuss the following program handbook:  One to One Technology Policy Handbook 2017.

What are the next steps?

On Orientation Day, 6th & 7th grade parents and students are asked to visit the Computer Lab and submit the following:

  • Technology Acceptable Use Policy (p. 23)
  • Chromebook Technology Use and Support Fee Form (p. 24/Fee of $125.00 payable to All Saints Catholic School)
  • Chromebook Policy Handbook Form (p. 25)

When will my child receive a Chromebook?

The Chromebooks will be distributed to students during the first two weeks of school after the teachers have reviewed and discussed policies and procedures.

We look forward to implementing this program that will continue to transform the teaching and learning process at All Saints.

School Supplies 2017-2018

As a service to parents, we partnered with Educational Products to provide pre-packaged orders of supplies by grade level.  I wish to thank Mrs. Johnson coordinated this project for us once again and who incorporated a number of changes that we hope you found to be beneficial.

There were two ways to purchase school supplies for the coming year:

  1. You can do your shopping on your own using our 2017-18 School Supply List as your guide.
  2. You could choose to purchase supplies online through our EPI Online School Supply Packs Program through July 15th. If you selected this option, your school supplies will be in your classroom when you arrive for orientation.

Summer Learning Requirements

Recognizing that our curriculum during the school year is rigorous and that expectations are high for student learning, there is great value in the children having a respite during the months of summer.  On the other hand, studies have shown that students lose ground during the long vacation if not provided an opportunity to keep their skills sharp.  With these two perspectives in mind, as in prior years, the teachers have crafted a balanced plan specific for our school.

(Note: Parents should select the summer learning assignments that correspond to the grade that their child will be entering in the fall.  For example, a student entering second grade would complete the Summer Book Program for rising 2nd graders.  A child entering third grade would complete the assignments outlined for rising 3rd graders.)

2017 Summer Learning Requirements