Thank you for your interest in All Saints Catholic School. Below is tuition information for kindergarten through 8th grade, and the All Saints Pre-Kindergarten Program. To learn about our tuition assistance program, please see the Diocesan Tuition Aid.

  1. Tuition payments are due over a ten (10) month period payable through the FACTS Tuition Management Program on the 10th or 20th of each month beginning in August 2024.
  2. A non-refundable application fee of $125.00 per child with a family maximum of $250.00 is not included in the tuition payment and is due at the time of registration.
  3. All instructional materials and book fees are included in the tuition rate.
  4. Families registered at All Saints Catholic Church and St. Gabriel Mission are at the In-parish rate.
  5. Families registered at Holy Trinity Catholic Church and Sacred Heart Catholic Church are also eligible for In-Parish tuition rates through a financial arrangement that exists with those neighboring parishes.
  6. The student tuition discounts related to number of students enrolled exists only within the categories of either Pre-K or K-8. Pre-Kindergarten students are not eligible for the student discount for students in grades K-8.
  7. 2% discount will be given through FACTS tuition management for families who sign up and select to
    make payment in full by June 10, 2024. No Pay in Full Discounts will be given for payments made after June 10, 2024.

Pre-Kindergarten Program
4-year-old students
(2024-2025 School Year)

Full Day Class (5 Days per Week) 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

# of Children In-Parish Tuition* Out-of-Parish Tuition
 1  $6,992/year
2 $11,397/year

All Saints offers Extended Day before school from 6:30 – 8:00 AM and
after school care from 3:00 – 6:30 PM for Pre-Kindergarten students.

Grades K-8 Tuition and Fee Schedule
(2024-2025 School Year)

# of Children In-Parish Tuition Out-of-Parish Tuition
 1  $7,210/year
2 $11,634/year
3 $15,848/year
4 $20,058/year

Tuition Rate Charts – English/Spanish

The Value of a Catholic Education at All Saints

Each year the parish contributes a significant annual investment to help finance the operation of the school and also funds the salaries of parish staff members who support our mission. Because of this strong commitment, All Saints Catholic School is able to offer tuition rates that are less than the actual per child cost of $8,886.

A comparison of the actual cost (per child) vs. tuition rates (in-parish) follows below.

Actual Cost In-Parish Out-of-Parish
1 Child $8,886 $7,210 $8,759
2 Children $17,772 $11,634 $14,430
3 Children $26,658 $15,848 $19,466
4 Children $35,544 $20,058 $24,639

We are grateful to Fr. Lee, our pastor, for his support and for the generosity of our parish which together have helped to make the gift of a Catholic education more affordable for the children in our community.