All Saints Band

Message from All Saints Band Director
Mr. Barry Ward

Band Registration and Instrument Rental

All Saints 4th – 8th Parents and Students,
Learning an instrument at home via zoom, or at school during these difficult times, is possible. Zoom classes, like many classes online, have proven to be effective in different ways.  With zoom lessons, the first thing I noticed was the increased student attention and focus on what is being said, and secondly, it allowed me to teach the subject of music better.  A great thought would be if the All Saints Band could perform at the end of this school year. At this time, however, I am excited that the performance pressures are not going to interfere with the music curriculum.  I hope students will understand that things will get back to normal and concerts and band trips will happen, but this is a great time to focus on improving and learning an instrument.

I wanted to assure you that everything at school will be used to mitigate the virus during lessons.  I use a very large room, the PAC, and all the techniques of separation of chairs, use of personal music stands, cleaning of equipment, and wearing of masks (specially designed for instruments) will be used during band.
Today is VIRTUAL Band Registration Day!  Rent an instrument and send in the band registration form to school.  Our in-person and online lessons begin next week.

Thank you,
Barry Ward

 Tuesday September 15th – Deadline for Registration!
 All Saints’ Band Registration – 2020
Send a completed Registration Form into the school office
Garwood Whaley Music Registration
Instrument Rentals
Made through Music and Arts Online (via school code)

Lesson book:  Essential Elements, Book 1 – for your instrument.

Lessons: Online or at school

In School, Tuesday, September 22nd 4th – 8th Grade lessons (PAC) from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
On-line, Beginner Band students, starting Mondays, Sept. 21st, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm with Mr. Ward
On-line, Advanced Band students, starting Fridays, Sept. 18th, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm with Mr. Ward

Full advanced band rehearsals after school will not take place until it is safe for larger groups. Tuesdays will again be lesson day, both beginner and advanced, and lessons will have a number of mitigating techniques such as separation of chairs and stands, cleaning between classes, and using the large space in the PAC for lessons.

Lessons will be organized by cohort and grade level which will create mixed instrument classes.
Rules in band will include a no borrow policy, no touch policy, and music and band folders personally issued as always. A mask on policy will be used during lessons with techniques to include playing underneath or using an improvised mask. Believe it or not, I have experimented with just a slit opening and really had no problems playing the instruments. A band mask should be kept in a paper bag in each student’s instrument case. There will be online information sharing, such as specially composed music for the program.

All students are asked to have and start with the lesson book, Essential Elements, Book 1 and /or 2 by Tim Luetzenhiezer and others. It will be a great time to work on individual skills and not just performance skills. This approach is a better educational model to start a school year, and hopefully performances will develop toward May or even a band trip!

Band Forms

No after school Advanced Band rehearsals will take place on Tuesday afternoons until deemed safe.

Concerts and Performances 2021

  • 1st School and Parent Concert – Tuesday, January 19th – postponed until safe
  • Arlington Diocese Honor Bands start rehearsals- February/March – hopefully, but on hold until safe
  • Arlington Diocese Band Festival and Assessments (Adv. only) – T.B.D. at Ireton H.S, – hopefully, but on hold
  • Diocese Honor Band Concerts (Ireton H.S.) – (T.B.D.) postponed until safe  (Ireton H.S.) – hopefully. but on hold
  • Spring Trip: Hershey/Lancaster County  (if all goes well) – Friday, May 7th –  hopefully
  • Final School and Parents Concert  -Tuesday, May 18th-  7:00 P.M. – hopefully

I appreciate everyone’s support for the All Saints Band Program and look forward to the year ahead.

Mr. Barry Ward
All Saints Band Director

Our award-winning All Saints school band was founded over 40 years ago by its current director Mr. Ward. Students in grades 4-8 are eligible to join the band and receive instrumental lessons during the school day and after school on Tuesday afternoons. All Saints offers both a beginner band and advanced band. Due to the associated costs, there are additional fees to participate in band.

Beginning Band members select between the clarinet, drum, flute, saxophone, trombone and trumpet. Additional larger-scale instruments are added in Advanced Band. Members of Advanced Band typically have at least one year of instruction.

The school band competes in the Annual Diocesan Band Festival, the “Music in the Park” festival program, and performs an annual winter and spring concert. Our school band has received Superior ratings at Festival for 39 straight years in a row, and twice has received the highest point award even surpassing high school bands in the competition!

Please contact Mr. Ward at for additional information about our program.

Band Participation Form