Supply Lists

There are two ways to purchase school supplies for the coming year:
1. You can do your shopping on your own using our 2017-18 School Supply List as your guide.
2. By placing an order by July 15, families could choose to purchase supplies online through our EPI Online School Supply Packs Program. These items will be available in the classroom when you arrive for orientation.

Please note the following changes to the EPI Program:

  • Kindergarten students no longer need to purchase seat sacks at orientation as they are available as part of their new supply pack.
  • Middle School students no longer need to pay for locker shelves and a lock if they already have them. They are no longer included in the supply pack. However, they ARE available as a separate item and can be purchased individually as needed.
  • 1st – 4th grade parents can also purchase replacement seat sacks online as needed instead of paying at orientation.