Family Stewardship Program

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Stewardship Points
For many years, the Stewardship Points Program has been the mechanism by which parents have earned and tracked their required volunteer hours. Educational research indicates that students excel in school when their parents are highly involved.

Know that we value the support that you provide and recognize your involvement as being essential to helping us sustain our mission.

The All Saints PTO Family Stewardship Program was developed to provide an opportunity for each school family to share their time, talents, and treasure with the school.

Each family contributes 25 points each school year. “Points” are accumulated as follows:

  • One hour of work in the school building during the school day = 2 points
  • One hour of work not in the school building before, during, or after the school day = 1 point
  • One homemade/baked good = 1 point
  • Merchandise valued at $15 = 1 point (this can be accumulated over multiple events/multiple items)
  • The fee for each uncompleted point is $20/point.

Questions regarding the Family Stewardship Program? Please contact

Connect 1 is now available to register for the 2023 school year! This platform will allow parents and guardians to find volunteering opportunities, access a school directory, and post and respond to prayer requests. This is also where you will be able to find opportunities to complete your sharesor “points”, as it is called in Connect 1. As a reminder, each family is expected to fulfill 25 shares/points per year, according to our Family Stewardship Program.

Please see the Connect 1 instructions (English) or Connect1-Instrucciones-de-registro (español). It should take no more than 5 minutes.

It is recommended to register on the web, but once that is done, please feel free to download the app. Search for “Connect 1” in the App Store on your phone. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Sharon Storey at

How to Earn Points

Opportunities to earn points will be advertised in The Sentinel newsletter and on Connect 1. Volunteer opportunities listed on Connect 1 will indicate if the volunteer needs to be VIRTUS certified.

During School Hours

  • Room Liaison
  • Chaperone
  • Classroom help
  • Class parties
  • Recess/Cafeteria
  • Penny Bazaar Cupcake sale/running class game
  • Helping in the nursery
  • Helping with Open House events
  • Book Fair
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Junior Achievement Program
  • Hospitality Committee setup & cleanup
  • Race for Education Mail processing


  • Orientation Day
  • Back-to-School BBQ
  • New Parent Coffee
  • Penny Bazaar
  • Evening with St. Nicholas
  • Book Fair
  • Race for Education
  • Field Day
  • Science Fair
  • Operation Helping Hands

After School Hours

Assisting with the following activities/events:

  • Assist with Clubs: Band Parent, Chess, CYO Coach, Scouts
  • Spirit Events
  • Science Fair
  • Christmas Parade
  • Race for Education mailers
  • Back-to-School BBQ
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Evening with St. Nicholas
  • Lenten Soup Supper
  • Running with the Saints 5K
  • Parish Information Tables

At Home

  • Baking
  • Making volunteer calls
  • Joining our Welcoming Committee for new families
  • Help with at-home class prep
  • Christmas Parade
  • Help with Spirit Events
  • Ministry donations
  • Penny Bazaar cupcake donations
  • Parish Festival Cake Walk donations
  • Donations for luncheons (CSW, Teacher Conference)
  • Donations for Veterans Day Reception
  • Donations for Evening with St. Nicholas
  • Donations for Lenten Soup Supper
  • Donations for Funeral Ministry

Talents and Resources

Ways you can help if you are not yet VIRTUS certified:

  • Donations (see above)
  • Attend PTO Meetings and/or General Assembly Meetings
  • At-Home Teacher Projects
  • Operation Helping Hands


Reminder: All volunteers must complete a background check and a training program called VIRTUS prior to participating in an in-person volunteering opportunity. Please refer to the following link for specific directions on completing this process.


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sharon Storey, PTO Volunteer Coordinator, at

Connect 1 FAQ

As we transition to Connect 1 as our new volunteer system, you may find that you need points added to your account for various reasons. The system will add them for you automatically if you are signed up for a specific event. However, there may be situations where you need points added manually. These could include:

  • Doing ad-hoc work for teachers or staff (classroom help, special requests from teachers, etc.)
  • Doing work over the summer
  • Staying later than your scheduled shift in Connect 1

If you are in a situation where you need points added, please use the following guide to request the adjustment on Connect 1. And if you haven’t signed up yet, please do! It is quick and easy. Follow the instructions on how to request that points be adjusted in Connect1.