All Saints’ testing objective is to assist teachers and administrators in a systematic evaluation of the academic and religion programs, to diagnose student strengths and weaknesses, and to aid in revision of the curriculum and planning of instruction.

In addition to academic tests for grading purposes, the school administers standardized religion and achievement tests according to the Arlington diocesan testing program. All eighth grade students take the high school placement test used in determining placement in diocesan high schools. Eighth grade teachers are encouraged to review only the format and style of the high school placement test with their students.

  • Early Prevention of School Failure Screening: This screening is administered to all incoming kindergarten students during the spring. Through their observance of each student completing a series of tasks, the screening team is able to determine the developmental readiness of each child. The goal of the program is to ensure that each student enrolled in kindergarten or first grade has the developmental skills necessary to achieve success during his/her first year in our school.
  • Scantron Testing (through June 2022): All Saints previously used Scantron as its standardized testing program.  Students completed three series of tests in math, reading and language arts in the fall, winter and spring.  As the testing takes place online, teachers have access to immediate results and data.  Testing is also adaptive in nature, with each test being customized to the ability of each student. Administered three times over the course of the year, Scantron testing provided data with which the teachers can tailor instruction and measure student growth. See All Saints Latest Scantron Test Scores
  • NWEA Map Growth Testing – Schools in the Arlington Diocesan currently use NWEA Map Growth testing for student assessment. This test is administered online and is adaptive in nature.  We assess students in grades 3-7 in reading, language arts, and math.  NWEA testing reports are user-friendly for both parents and teachers, and allow for the customization of learning plans for individual students by providing data highlighting each child’s learning path with areas identified for further growth. Following below please find a letter from Dr. Vorbach, Superintendent of Schools, as well as a Family Guide that provides more information about this assessment.- Letter from Dr. Vorbach, Superintendent of SchoolsFamily Guide to MAP Growth Testing
  • Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE): This assessment tool, designed by the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), is administered to students in grades five and eight each year.  Through review of class and grade level scores, school and diocesan personnel can determine students’ understanding of basic doctrine and attitudes towards living the Catholic faith.
  • Iowa Test of Algebra Readiness: Students in the 7th grade who have demonstrated success in their Advanced Math coursework participate in a testing program that provides additional data for determining eligibility for enrollment in the Algebra I program during their 8th grade year.