Middle School

Middle school (grades 6-8) is an exciting time for students at All Saints with many extended learning opportunities both in core subject areas and special classes (Spanish, physical education, music, art, library and computer technology). All Saints students enjoy a traditional middle school experience which includes changing classes and using lockers while benefiting from our smaller setting and faith-focused environment. Students can work ahead of grade level through our Advanced Math and Advanced Spanish programs, and opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve as role models for our younger students are plentiful within our Pre-K – 8th grade school setting.

Middle School House System
The mission of the All Saints Catholic School House System is to create a middle school community where students work together and support each otheras they grow in their Catholic faith.  The purpose of each house is to guide and support the spiritual, academic, social and personal development of each student during their time in middle school.

Our middle school is comprised of ten houses, each named after a saint.  Each house is facilitated by a faculty advisor and includes students from grades six, seven and eight.  Students are assigned to a house at the beginning of the year and will remain a member throughout their middle school years at All Saints.

Each of the houses focuses on four specific areas: Advising of Students; Faith & Service; Leadership; and Community Involvement.  Students are provided opportunities to grow in these areas through weekly meetings during which they complete team-building exercises and service projects.  Additionally, through a Points System, student efforts are recognized and a good-natured rivalry among the houses is fostered.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
All Saints also offers a variety of STEM programs starting in kindergarten and culminating in specialized middle school programs:

  • Through our One-to-One Initiative, all middle school students have access to a Google Chromebook for their use throughout the school day and at home.
  • Students utilize Google Classroom, a full suite of productivity tools which help students develop their organizational skills and collaborate with their teacher and other students.
  • All seventh and eighth grade students at All Saints take VEX Programming as part of their computer curriculum.
  • Middle school students can choose to participate in our Robotics Club as an after school activity. In 2017, the All Saints Robotics Team advanced to the Virginia State tournament.
  • See STEM Programs for more information.
  • Video Production Specialty Program for our 7th grade students
  • Production of our morning newscast by our 8th grade students

Our middle school teaching staff includes the following teachers who specialize in their subject area:

  • Miss Tohill, 6A (Math)
  • Mrs. Starrs, 6B (Science)
  • Mr. McDonald, 7A (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Bill, 7B (Math)
  • Mrs. DeBruyne, 8A (Language Arts)
  • Mrs. Honkus, 8B (Literature)
  • Mrs. Perez (6th Grade Religion)
  • Mr. Tessier (7th and 8th Grade Religion – Confirmation Preparation)

Our middle school teaching staff meets regularly to coordinate curriculum across various subjects and extended learning across subject areas. Examples include Renaissance Day, Red, White & Blue Election Day, participation in a town hall style meeting during our annual Veteran’s Mass & Reception, and Tom Sawyer Day.

During the middle school years at All Saints, students can choose to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, including:

  • All Saints Band
  • Battle of the Books (5th and 6th grade students)
  • CYO Basketball and Cheerleading
  • CYO Cross Country and Track
  • CYO Volleyball
  • National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
  • Newspaper
  • Peace & Justice Players (7th and 8th grade students)
  • Robotics Club
  • Schola (choral)
  • Safety Patrol (6th grade)
  • Scouting
  • Student Council Association (SCA)
  • Yearbook
  • Youth Group

Our middle school students naturally assume leadership roles and act as mentors to our younger students. This ability to develop and practice key leadership skills is a true benefit of a Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade school experience. Instead of being placed in a school by themselves during the important developmental years of sixth, seventh and eighth grades, our students learn from continuing to interact with students from various grade levels. All Saints provides many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills both in class and outside of class through activities such as our Buddy Program, Peace & Justice Players, Student Council Association, and the National Junior Honor Society.

Please see our High School page for information about area Catholic high school options.