To provide students with more opportunities for hands-on learning in the areas of math and science, All Saints utilizes three programs in partnership with Lego Education. The purchase of equipment for this initiative was made possible through the Annual Fund.

  • Grades K, 1 and 2: More to Math– A hands-on approach to problem solving that encourages collaboration, higher-level thinking, and real-life connections.
  • Grade 3: Simple Machines– A hands-on approach that reinforces math and science skills through the design and building of models as an introduction to engineering.
  • Grades 4-5: WeDo’s– A hands-on approach that integrates STEM knowledge with language arts as students work together to find creative solutions for problems and to create structures using digital technology.
  • Technology in the Classroom– In addition to our integrated use of Activboards, teachers at all grade levels regularly bring technology into their classrooms through multiple Chromebook and iPad carts. Both Chromebooks and iPads are used by students throughout the school in support of differentiation of learning, online assessment, and for further integration of technology and learning, particularly in the math and science programs.
  • Middle School – All Saints recently introduced a One-to-One Device Program in our middle school. Students in the program have access to a Chromebook for their use throughout the school day and at home. In addition, all 7th and 8th grade students will continue to learn VEX Programming within their computer classes and have an opportunity to participate in our Robotics Club. Students and teachers in our middle school also utilize Google Classroom, a suite of productivity tools designed to save time and improve organization.
  • Robotics Club – middle school students have the opportunity to join our Robotics Club and become part of our competitive Robotics Team.