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Get Ready to Read.… All Saints Library theme is READ, LEARN, INSPIRE 25,000!   All 2nd – 8th grade students are challenged to earn at total of 25,000 Accelerated Reading points by the end of the school year.  Students have earned  over 15,300 AR points and still counting! 

Welcome to Library with Mrs. Coyle

Blessed are the CURIOUS for they shall have ADVENTURES!  The All Saints Catholic Library is transforming its physical space into an interactive learning environment geared to ignite hands on activities, technology literacies and encourage students to develop a lifelong interest in reading. The library has evolved into a “dynamic” space always ready to move and change to support multiple strategies for academic success.  Several “Project Based Learning” units are underway and students are putting their best foot forward to master critical thinking concepts to complete the step by step process. 



A big round of applause goes out to BOB students for reading 15 Books in record time!! There will be no meeting this week!  

Book Chatter Podcasts

Book Chatter
is a podcast produced by the All Saints Library/Media Center featuring student reviews of books in our library.

Visit our latest Book Chatter feature now!

All Saints Destiny Quest /Follett App

Destiny Quest - Library CatalogEven when school is out, students can continue to search through Destiny Quest, Title Peek, WebPath Express and Ebooks.  The All Saints school community can remotely access the school library collection 24/7.

Follett - Library ResourceDestiny Discover offers All Saints students a collection of  Ebook titles.  Students can access these Ebooks on any internet-enabled device (phone, iPad, PC).  Access allows students to “browse” the books online for up to 15 minutes (without checking out), or you can check out your book just as you would any print format book.  The Ebook will automatically be returned in 14 days.  Checking the book out ensures that you can access the book online at anytime, or you can download it for reading later in Follett’s offline reader.

All Saints Destiny Library Online Catalog

Students 4th through 8th grade have Ebook accounts. Also, check out this video for DESTINY QUEST!

Gale Databases

Gale®part of Cengage Learning is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. The Library of Virginia provides free access to several databases.  Gale is best known for its accurate and authoritative reference content.  This is a complete selection of all of the databases which can be challenging to search. There is an age appropriate selection of recommended research resources in GALE that students use from the Helpful Links on the right side of the library page.

Checkout Procedures
Check Out the new books added to the collection. Students are very excited about getting their books, but in order for them to check out another book they must remember to bring back their library books by the due date. All grades can check out additional books for assignments!

K-2nd 1 Book –Due back in 1 Week

3rd – 8th 2 Books – Due back in 2 Weeks

Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reader Program is a computerized reading enrichment program that combines great children’s literature with computer skills. Students will read a book and then take a computer quiz that is given in a multiple choice format.

As an individualized reading program, it is designed to motivate students to read more.

For further details, please see our Accelerated Reader Program information page.



“Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness, righteousness and truth.”