During the 2021-2022 academic year, the faculty and staff completed a comprehensive self-study process that culminated in the development of the Design for Excellence document, followed by a multi-day visit by a team of educators who observed the school and provided both commendations and recommendations for future growth. This process of re-accreditation takes place every six years.

All Saints Received Re-Accreditation – May 2022

The Virginia Catholic Education Association (VCEA) congratulates All Saints Catholic School on the successful accreditation report your school recently received. The VCEA accreditation committee unanimously approved the Design for Excellence Visiting Team report, and we are proud to state that All Saints Catholic School is FULLY accredited! The numerous commendations cited in the Visiting Team’s report certainly bodes well for the people at All Saints Catholic School.  We read the Visiting Team’s list of accolades as affirmation to the value you all personally bring to Catholic education.

Design for Excellence Accreditation Report – May 2022

Design for Excellence (DFE) Five Year Plan

Accreditation Model: Design for Excellence

In 1984, the State Department of Education challenged the private education sector to find an alternative method of accreditation other than through the state. The Design for Excellence accreditation process was developed as a response to this challenge.

The Virginia Catholic Education Association (VCEA) was formed with the primary responsibility of overseeing the formulation of the self-study process of schools in the Dioceses of Arlington and Richmond. In 1993, the VCEA accepted the task of developing the Design for Excellence. The first year was spent in study, dialogue and composition.

In 1994, the first draft of the Design for Excellence instrument was written. The format reflected a shifting paradigm of learning which demanded an integrated approach to the formation of a Christ-centered learning environment in a rapidly changing technological society. The transition of society into an era of interdependency challenged schools to recognize unique learning styles which necessitated the creation of environments that foster creative, challenging, and ever-changing responses to the ultimate goal of academic excellence in a distinctively Catholic environment.

During 1995-96, the Design for Excellence self-study was piloted by Holy Spirit School in the Diocese of Arlington and St. Edward-Epiphany School in the Diocese of Richmond. As a result of recommendations from the pilot schools and the visiting committees, revisions to the process were made in 1996-97.

The Design for Excellence instrument was updated in 2000 and again in 2016, demonstrating VCEA’s commitment to promoting excellence in education.