The main focus of the procedures that we have set in place is to maintain an arrival and dismissal system that is safe, and also efficient and courteous to the parish and school community, and our surrounding neighbors. Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way.

Morning Drop-off

As in prior years, parents are invited to participate in the morning drop-off process in either the front or rear parking lots. The traffic pattern will be the same as in the past with cars following a circular route that leads to a designated drop off area. The process will be supervised and guided by members of the faculty, staff, and Safety Patrols.

All parents and students are asked to remain in their vehicle until they arrive at the front of the line. Students will exit from vehicle #1 and vehicle #2 and then proceed into the building via the breezeway entrance. Carpool begins at 7:40 AM and the faculty, staff, and safety patrols will re-enter the building at 7:58 AM.

Students who choose to either walk or ride a bicycle to school are asked to enter the chool via the rear entrance of the new breezeway.

Extended Day morning drop-off is available beginning at 6:30 AM.

Afternoon Pick-up

Again this year all parents have been assigned a designated parking area, i.e. the front or rear parking lot. When arriving on campus, parents are asked to remain in their vehicle and to display their carpool number on the driver’s side of their windshield. As there are many new families joining our school this year, all parents are also asked to have a photo ID available.

Students will report to the “loading zone” as their carpool number is called. When it is time to begin the dismissal process, a staff member will invite the first row of cars to pull forward into the “loading zone” at which time the carpool numbers will be transmitted to the classrooms. Once the students have reported and safely entered their vehicles, a staff member will motion for the row of cars to exit the property after which the process will begin again with the second row.

Please note that during arrival and dismissal, students will exit and enter from the passenger side of the vehicle. For this reason, please be sure to position car seats accordingly, particularly if your child may require assistance. The exception to this is in Bay 1 (exiting to Stonewall Road) where children will be loaded in the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The gates to the back lot will open at 2:35 PM.

Front Parking Lot

Back Parking Lot

Parents assigned to the front parking lot may park in either the Front Lot – Parish Office side (Bay 3 with overflow in Bay 2) which exits to Route 28/Center Street or Front Lot – PAC side (Bay 1 with overflow in Bay 2) which exits to Stonewall Road. Parents are asked to park their vehicle facing the School/Parish Activity Center.

For parents parking in the front lot, those who arrive first should park in the middle of Bay 2, nearest the light pole that serves as the dividing line for that section. Cars will then be dismissed in the order that they arrive, beginning at the center of Bay 2 and extending outward in both directions toward Bays 1 & 3.

Rear Parking Lot Instructions

In an effort to prevent traffic delays on Stonewall Road, parents are reminded to refrain from turning left when entering and exiting the property during times of heavy traffic.  This is very important so as not to disrupt traffic flow in the surrounding neighborhood and at the Route 28/Center Street intersection.  Please know that if there is no traffic on Stonewall Road in either direction at the time of your approach, turning left is acceptable.  However, if there is traffic at the time, rather than turning left, please drive past the school property and re-approach the campus in order to make a right turn onto the parking lot.

The gates to the back lot will open at 2:35 pm each day and 11:35 on early release days.  As cars enter onto the campus prior to the gates opening, they will create two lines side by side.  The row closest to the Knights of Columbus Hall will fill first and be let into the parking lot when the gates open.  Then the row closest to the school buildings will fill and be let into the parking lot next followed by cars on Stonewall Road.

Upon entering, cars will follow the same path as in previous weeks, lining up three cars deep beginning at the basketball hoops.  The first 11 rows will continue on this path.  The twelfth row will pull forward to the cones, allowing for 6 cars to get in line.  All cars after will follow this pattern for subsequent rows.

We do ask that if you are waiting for an extended period of time for a child to arrive, you pull forward and to the right so cars can pull around you.

Please see the attached screencast video for a further video explanation of back lot carpool.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Back Lot Carpool Video

Carpool Numbers
All families have been assigned a carpool number. This number must be clearly displayed in the front windshield on the driver’s side.

Parking Assignments Front Parking Lot: Last Name A – M

  • Bay 1 – Park in Bay 1 if you will exit the school to Stonewall Road
  • Bay 2 – Overflow parking for Bays 1 and 3 and will be split down the middle
  • Bay 3 – Park in Bay 3 if you will exit the school to Route 28/Center Street

Parking Assignments Back Parking Lot: Last Name N – Z

  • Bay 16 – All families will park in the back lot and can exit either to Route 28 or Stonewall Road
  • Carpool – Families who share carpool responsibilities will park in the back lot in the rear lot of the school regardless of last name.