Andrew Horgan Wins Veterans Day Essay Contest

During a surprise presentation before the entire student body, All Saints Catholic School fifth grade student Andrew Horgan was awarded first place in the newly established Northern Virginia “Veteran’s Day Essay Contest.” Andrew won both the 7-10 age group and 1st place overall in the contest for his patriotic telling of Veteran Duke Netko’s story as a United States Marine Corp pilot. Duke was on hand at the event to congratulate Andrew for a job well done.

Andrew’s essay focused on Duke’s twenty years of military service, and how learning about Duke’s duty assignments and acts of bravery helped Andrew better appreciate the sacrifices made by our American patriots. The “Veteran’s Day Essay Contest” was founded by Karen Theobald Conlin to help students learn more about our nation’s veterans. In Andrew’s award letter, Ms. Conlin noted that, “Marine pilot Duke Netko will be forever remembered for the many missions that he completed. You, Andrew completed a very important mission by gathering and sharing his story.”

As part of the Veteran’s Day Essay Contest award, Andrew was presented with three history books for his personal library. Additional copies were also provided to All Saints Catholic School in honor of Andrew’s winning essay.

Spelling Bee Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following students who participated in last week’s Spelling Bee and to Robert Gasser, our school champion. We wish Robert every success as he advances to the next level of the Prince William County competition.

  • 1st Place – Robert Gasser
  • 2nd Place – Jesus Santos
  • 3rd Place – Anthony Olivera

Class Representatives:
Luke Rebholz, Christopher Sheeran, Grace Karcher, Aoife Haggerty. Chimanga Mubanga, Brielle Appiatse, Robert Gasser,  Andrew Horgan, Savanna Loy, Mikayla Loy, Amelia Webb, Jesus Santos, Sofia Villatoro, William Odell, Camden Short, Leona Kun, Joseph Corrigan, Liana Rodriguez, Anthony Olivera, Macallan Greissinger

Major Expansion Planned for All Saints Robotics

Now that we’ve reached 75% of our Annual Fund goal, we would like to share some exciting news about our Robotics Program. As noted previously, proceeds from this year’s Annual Fund will be used to purchase two Next-Generation ActivBoards and expand our Robotics Program.

If we attain 100% of our Annual Fund goal, the Robotics proceeds will be used to introduce Robotics to the elementary grades and expand our existing program in the middle school.

Fall of 2019

  • The middle school Robotics Club will expand to include sixth grade students along with seventh and eighth graders.
  • We will begin offering Robotics as an after school activity for students in fourth and fifth grades. These students will work with Lego® More to Math and utilize our VEX IQ equipment.
  • All Saints will host a Robotics middle school tournament together with Seton School which will host the high school portion of the tournament. Details about this event will be announced in the fall!

Fall of 2020

  • Our middle school Robotics Team will transition from VEX IQ to VEX EDR, a higher level experience for middle and high school students that will allow our students to compete at VRC competitions. This Robotics platform will better prepare our students for STEM opportunities in high school and beyond. If we meet our goals for the Annual Fund, we will begin administrator training and the purchasing of kits and related equipment in the fall of 2019. The All Saints Robotics Team will then transition from VEX IQ to VEX VRC competitions in the 2020-2021 school year.


Uniform News: New Navy Polo

In response to parent feedback, I am excited to announce that we will be introducing a new navy polo shirt as part of the summer uniform and phasing out the white polo shirt. It is our hope that this new color will be much easier for parents to maintain and keep clean over time. Additionally, the navy blue shirt will be more modest in appearance.

The new navy blue polo shirt will be available for purchase in advance of the upcoming academic year. The white polo shirt will be “grandfathered” for one year (2019-2020) after which it will be discontinued as part of the uniform.

At All Saints we are also pleased to offer a “Uniform Exchange” program by which parents may purchase gently worn items at affordable prices. As we plan for the year ahead, there will be several modifications to this program that will increase efficiency
while continuing to provide a valuable service to our families.

Beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year, we will host three pre-scheduled sales per year, i.e. August, October and one sale during the spring. “On demand” sales will only be available for new families transitioning into the school and at the request of administration to assist families in need. Parents may continue, however, to drop off used uniforms at the front office at their convenience.

In an effort to streamline procedures and in recognition of the affordability of items, the use of credits for those making donations is being discontinued. Those families who have already received credits may, however, use them through the close of this academic year. The price of items ($1.00-$4.00) will remain unchanged in the year ahead.

I wish to thank Mrs. Danielle O’Neill for her continued management of the Uniform Exchange program. With great attention to detail and dedication to her role, she provides a wonderful service to our school community. Additionally, I wish to thank those parents who shared feedback regarding the polo shirts and the PTO for their efforts in revising the Uniform Exchange procedures.

Education Planning Night – February 28

All Saints PTO, in partnership with Prudential, will present an Education Planning Night on Thursday, February 28 from 7:00-8:30 PM in the Parish Activity Center. This is a great opportunity to address the challenges that families face when saving for education, the pros and cons of various payment strategies, how to best position yourself for financial aid, and how to reduce your tuition costs by having a coordinated tax deduction strategy.

Topics include:

  • What challenges most families face when paying for a private school education and college.
  • Pros and cons of Virginia Invest 529 and who should own them/best practices.
  • Pros and cons of Virginia PrePaid 529.
  • Best way to structure payments and assets for the FAFSA application and other best practices.
  • How to use old savimgs bonds to take advantage of the deduction for education expenses.
  • What tax credits may be available to you.
  • How to structure your payments for private school and college to save 5-20% off tuition.
  • Coverdell ESAs and what to do if you have one.

Featured Speakers:

Jacqui Hansen, Certified Financial Planner
Financial Planner – Prudential Advisors

Christopher McAllister, Certified Financisl Planner
Financial Planner – Prudential Advisors

Please plan to join us for an informative evening on Education Planning on Thursday, February 28!

Education Planning Night Flyer

Catholic Cup Spotlights our Faith

Students gathered to test their knowledge of the Catholic faith in All Saints’ 8th Annual Catholic Cup. Winners of their classroom competitions from grades 4-8 advanced to this final round of The Catholic Cup, an academic-style competition.

As the event emcee, Mr. Tessier posed questions related to Catholic theology and teaching while participants provided answer after answer until the group of contestants came down to just two finalists for the championship round of the competition.

Congratulations to Anthony Olivera, our 2019 Catholic Cup Winner, and Camden Short, our runner-up.

We also congratulate all of our classroom winners for their outstanding participation:

We want to acknowledge the wonderful work of Mrs. Bill and Mr. Tessier who serve as our faculty coordinators, and extend a very special thank you to the members of our 2019 judging panel:

  • Mrs. Bill
  • Mrs. Sweeney
  • Mrs. Carroll
  • Marielisa Puigbo

This uplifting event provides a wonderful way for all of our students, those directly participating and those watching from the audience, to learn and grow in their faith.

Science Fair Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following winners of All Saints’ Middle School Science Fair. Thank you, Mrs. Cottingham and Mrs. Woolfrey, for your dedication and guidance throughout the process.

Behavioral & Social Science
1st place: Amara Collins – “Is it Really Childproof?”
2nd place: Krysta Drone – “What Makes Teens Stress?”
3rd place: Macallan Greissinger – “Does Sight Affect Taste?”

1st place: Luke Tessier – “Science is HOT HOT HOT!”
2nd place: Mehek Jamil – “How Bright Can It Glow?”
3rd place: Mary Collins – “Mary’s Cheesecake Factory”

Computer Science
1st place: Robert Harvill – “Chill Out”
2nd place: Matthew Kreitzer – “Fortnite Building Battle”

Earth & Space Science
1st place: Anthony Olivera – “Water Temperature and Hurricanes: What is the Connection?”
2nd place: Jessica Berger – “Surf’s Up”

1st place: Kevin Balagtas – “Chugging On Air!”
2nd place: William Odell – “How Much Mass Can a Bridge Sustain?”
3rd place: Taylor Henman – “Does Length and Width Affect Distance?”

Medicine & Health
1st place: Nolen Kristiansen – “See That in the Corner of Your Eye?”
2nd place: Sofia Villatoro – “What You See After an Image”
3rd place: Ryan McGinnis – “There’s No Place Like Home”

1st place: Chris Mills – “The Sugar Wars”
2nd place: Jeffrey Crocker – “Can I Eat That?”
3rd place: Brian Varghese – “Faucet Wars”

1st place: Will Foster – “Windmills in Motion”
2nd place: Camden Short – “Produce Power”
3rd place: Maggie Horan – “Black is the Warmest Color”

Overall Champions
Grand Champion – Will Foster
1st Runner Up – Nolen Kristiansen
2nd Runner Up – Camden Short
3rd Runner Up – Anthony Olivera

Representing All Saints at the Diocesan Science Fair:
Kevin Balagtas, Amara Collins, Will Foster, Robert Harvill, Mehek Jamil, Nolen Kristiansen, Chris Mills , Anthony Olivera, Camden Short and Luke Tessier

National Geographic Bee

All Saints students in grades four through eight recently participated in the school-wide round of the National Geographic Bee.

Congratulations to our school champion, Robbie Gasser, who will complete an online assessment to determine whether he will qualify to advance to the state level competition. Congratulations to Lucia Miller who won second place, Krysta Drone who won third place, and to the following students who represented their classes in this academic event:

  • Luke Rebholz
  • Cruz Liu
  • Grace Algeier
  • Robert Gasser
  • Declan Martinez
  • Lucia Miller
  • Emily Sherman
  • Camden Short
  • Krysta Drone
  • Lavish Ghori

Annual Fund at 75% and Counting

We have now reached 75% of our goal to raise $15,000 through All Saints’ 2018-2019 Annual Fund campaign.  Funds will be used to expand our Robotics Program and to purchase two next-generation ActivBoards.

Through the years, your previous support of our Annual Fund campaign has resulted in new opportunities for our students, most especially in the area of STEM programs.  As we look to the future, we recognize the importance of continuing to update our infrastructure in order to provide our students with access to the most current technologies.  Working together, we can continue to move full STEM ahead!

During our 2018-2019 Empowering the Next Generation of Learners campaign, we invite you to prayerfully reflect on the difference that All Saints makes in your child’s life and show your support through Gifts of Prayer, Gifts of Involvement & Gifts of Financial Participation.

Find out how the Annual Fund will support innovations in learning through Robotics and In-Classroom Technology!

March for Life & Respect for Life Club

On Friday, January 18, the students of All Saints will join their prayers with the thousands who will gather in Washington, D.C. at the annual March for Life. As a school community we will pray for an increase in respect for the sanctity of life at all
stages in our society.

If your child will be attending the March, please notify his or her teacher via a note by Thursday, January 17th.

Respect for Life Club
Our Catholic faith tells us that all human life is sacred and precious from conception to natural death. The Respect for Life Club mission is to uphold thedignity of all human life by serving those in need in our local community. This club will meet monthly to serve the local community through corporal and spiritual works of mercy. It is open to all sixth grade students who want to experience how to better love their neighbors
in the world. Join us as we spread the good news about life! Please see permission form.