Running with the Saints 5K – Saturday, March 23

The Running with the Saints 5K is this Saturday March 23rd at 8:15 am at All Saints School. If you have already registered, we will have two opportunities for packet pick-up at the PAC:

Friday, March 22nd from 2:00-6:00 PM
Saturday, March 23rd from 7:00-7:45 AM

All packets that are unclaimed at start time will be forfeited.

If you have not yet registered, registration is still open by visiting

or we will have race day registrations the morning of the race in the PAC.

We still need volunteers! Please see Helpcounter to sign up:

All Saints Robotics Team Places 2nd in Tournament

We are so proud of the All Saints Robotics Team! They participated in the DMV Catholic Schools Cup Robotics Championship at Bishop McNamara High School this weekend. Our teams came in #2nd place, #4th place and #20th place. In an exciting ending, our 2nd place team (Duro) took the first place team from St. Peter’s School into overtime! Mr. Roy noted that many of the hosts/coaches commented on our students’ outstanding sportsmanship and positive attitude. We believe this is the greatest compliment we can receive as a team.
We wish to thank our students for their hard work and dedication, our team parents for all of their support, Mr. Kreitzer for his on-going assistance, and Mr. Ben Roy for directing our Robotics Program at All Saints!

(Reported provided by Bishop McNamara High School.)

The 1st Annual DMV Catholic Schools Cup Robotic Championship was held at Bishop McNamara on Saturday, March 16, 2019.  Fr. Brady (92 years old) from St. John’s offered the opening prayer. Overall, 24 teams participated in the tournament: 8 teams from St. Peter’s, 7 from St. John’s, 3 from St. Mary’s Piscataway, 3 from All Saints Catholic School in Virginia, 2 from Holy Family, and 1 from St Mary’s of the Assumption.  There were 48 rounds and each team participated in 4 qualification matches.

At the end of the 48 rounds, the  following 10 teams qualified for the finals:

Ranking Team # Team Name Grade School
1 10373A The Fantastic 4 8 St. Peter’s School
2 63876A Duro 8 All Saints Catholic School
3 82645A The Shooting Stars 6 St. Mary’s Piscataway
4 82645B St. Mary’s Roboteers 8 St. Mary’s Piscataway
5 11747A Maleagent 7 Holy Family School
6 11601A Greek Memes 8 St. Mary’s Assumption
7 95104B Eagle Bot 8 All Saints Catholic School
8 10373B Omegarares 8 St. Peter’s School
9 26088J Derple 5 St.  John’s
10 10373F Storm Engineers 7 St. Peter’s School

The format of the finals was that the team in position 10 went against 9, 8 against 7 and so forth.  Teams 10373A and 63876A earned the highest number of points.  These teams then went head to head.

Team 63876A was unique design, but it was not able to hang from the bonus bar like t0373A so everyone assumed that St. Peter’s and the Fantastic 4 would win the cup.  63876A went first and scored 6 points.  Jackie & Amulya drove their robot in an apparent victory.  However, when they reached up to hang from the bonus bar, the hook on their robot broke.  Their score for this match was also 6.  The team was given time to repair their robot and this time they were able to hang and scored 4 more points than the Duro Team from All Saints Catholic School.

Mr. Buckley presented the Cup to all of the St Peter’s students present at the tournament. Each of the team members was given a specially designed medal for their accomplishment.  A great day was had by all!

Race for Education – May 2

Preparations for this year’s Race for Education have begun! Thank you to all the parents that volunteered at the Helping Hands event. Our school mailed 4916 mailers to family and friends to 49 U.S. states, 2 US territories: Guam & Puerto Rico, and 11 countries: Austria, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and West Africa. All Saints is covering the globe! The only state we did not send a mailer to was Wyoming!

Soon donations will begin to arrive at the school and we are looking for parent volunteers to help with our record keeping process. We will meet on Thursdays at various times and locations beginning in the next 1-2 weeks throughout the month of April. If you are interested in volunteering any amount of time, a link to sign up on Help Counter will be sent out shortly.

For our fourth year in a row, we are offering a link to donate online to our Race for Education. When donating online, please remember to make one donation transaction for all the runners you are sponsoring and use the memo box online to indicate to which runner and classroom you are donating. Here is the online link:

Thank you for your support to making this fundraiser a success! If you have any questions about this event, please contact the Race for
Education Coordinator, Mrs. Jeanine Fehrman, at

Mrs. Horgan to Speak at NCEA Conference

Our own Mrs. Stefanie Horgan will be speaking at the National Catholic Educator’s Association Annual Conference, April 23-25, 2019.  Mrs. Horgan will be co-presenting with a former colleague on two topics.

  • Advanced Google in the Classroom will encourage participants to discover new methodologies for integrating technology into the classroom. The presentation will delve into the world of website creation, discuss the best use of hyperdocs, and see examples of cross application projects in real classrooms. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of digital portfolios for students to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to use technology as well-rounded, educated adults. Google’s suite of applications has allowed All Saints to meet the high demands of the curriculum while maintaining student engagement. Through the introduction of G-Suite into our repertoire, we have had the ability to differentiate instruction for learners.
  • In the sessions entitled Literature Inspired STEAM Units, teachers will begin to explore how to use read-aloud books and stories to inspire STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math) units. Making connections across subject areas and exploring concepts with hands-on projects and activities allows students to expand their learning and stay engaged in lessons. Mrs. Horgan shared, “My goal as a speaker is to continue to encourage teachers to challenge students to think in new ways and to use new resources. Using literature to inspire STREAM lessons provide students with the ability to explore some of their favorite books and stories and to see them in new and exciting ways.” Every year the number of jobs in the technology and engineering fields are growing. Students need to have exposure to these skills to succeed in their careers after graduation. There have been many studies that show that project-based and hands-on learning increases student engagement and retention of concepts that are being learned. The STEM/STEAM/STREAM movement provides students with these skills and opportunities. By designating the ‘R’ as Religion, Catholic educators are also able to incorporate ideas and studies that reflect our faith. It is important that students see how things such as technology and religion are related.

On behalf of All Saints, we would like to thank Mrs. Horgan for her willingness to share her knowledge on these topics with Catholic school teachers from around the country during the NCEA Conference.

Spotlight on the Arts Summer Camps

Spotlight on the Arts Summer Day Camps have been offered within the Arlington Diocese for families seeking excellence in Theatre and Art education within a Catholic environment for the past 15 years.

  • Drama Bootcamp introduces Improvisational Comedy, Acting, Movement, and Theatre Games to rising grades 1st-9th.
  • Broadway Spotlight offers daily instruction to rising 4th-12th graders in Singing, Dance, Acting, and Production leading to a final showcase.
  • Arts & Crafts Fun engages our youngest campers in creative projects intended to teach new skills in a fun and supportive environment.
  • Art Explorer challenges older students who seek to develop greater skills with more elaborate projects and instruction.
  • Professional Catholic Performing Artists offers the Marie Miller Songwriting Workshop plus teens can learn all about comedy at the Fools’ Improvisational Intensive.

All instructors are Professional Teachers who have extensive backgrounds in their fields.  Teacher Biographies can be seen here:

Early Bird Discounts are offered currently in addition to larger family discounts as well.  Camp Registration and more information can be found at

Kindness to the Community

As part of our “Year of Kindness,” we will continue with Kindness to Community.  Our focus is now on community helpers.  The school will be adopting the City of Manassas Police Department and all grades will participate in showing our gratitude and appreciation for everything they do for our community.  The classes will all participate in different aspects of a gift to the police department.  At home you can talk with your children about all the helpers in our community and how you can show kindness to them.

Also, our kindness to community “confetti house” is touring the classrooms this week. The students will fill it with kindness confetti that represents all the different “kindness to community” activities they have done in December, January and February (i.e. food pantry donations, toy drive).  It has been great to see all the different ways the students have given back to the community.

Order your All Saints Yearbook

Celebrate the year at All Saints Catholic School with your own copy of the 2018-19 yearbook!  The cost for each yearbook is $22 and all orders must be placed online.

Here is the information you will need to order an All Saints 2018-2019 Yearbook:

  • Please visit the following website to order online: 
  • The All Saints school code is 13273519.

The deadline to order a 2018-2019 yearbook is April 12, 2019.

Spelling Bee Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following students who participated in last week’s Spelling Bee and to Robert Gasser, our school champion. We wish Robert every success as he advances to the next level of the Prince William County competition.

  • 1st Place – Robert Gasser
  • 2nd Place – Jesus Santos
  • 3rd Place – Anthony Olivera

Class Representatives:
Luke Rebholz, Christopher Sheeran, Grace Karcher, Aoife Haggerty. Chimanga Mubanga, Brielle Appiatse, Robert Gasser,  Andrew Horgan, Savanna Loy, Mikayla Loy, Amelia Webb, Jesus Santos, Sofia Villatoro, William Odell, Camden Short, Leona Kun, Joseph Corrigan, Liana Rodriguez, Anthony Olivera, Macallan Greissinger

Major Expansion Planned for All Saints Robotics

Now that we’ve reached 75% of our Annual Fund goal, we would like to share some exciting news about our Robotics Program. As noted previously, proceeds from this year’s Annual Fund will be used to purchase two Next-Generation ActivBoards and expand our Robotics Program.

If we attain 100% of our Annual Fund goal, the Robotics proceeds will be used to introduce Robotics to the elementary grades and expand our existing program in the middle school.

Fall of 2019

  • The middle school Robotics Club will expand to include sixth grade students along with seventh and eighth graders.
  • We will begin offering Robotics as an after school activity for students in fourth and fifth grades. These students will work with Lego® More to Math and utilize our VEX IQ equipment.
  • All Saints will host a Robotics middle school tournament together with Seton School which will host the high school portion of the tournament. Details about this event will be announced in the fall!

Fall of 2020

  • Our middle school Robotics Team will transition from VEX IQ to VEX EDR, a higher level experience for middle and high school students that will allow our students to compete at VRC competitions. This Robotics platform will better prepare our students for STEM opportunities in high school and beyond. If we meet our goals for the Annual Fund, we will begin administrator training and the purchasing of kits and related equipment in the fall of 2019. The All Saints Robotics Team will then transition from VEX IQ to VEX VRC competitions in the 2020-2021 school year.