PTO Speaker Series: Anxiety During the Pandemic – Tues., Oct. 20

Our first presentation for parents this year will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, October 20 beginning at 7:00 p.m. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Art Bennett, President and Director of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Arlington, will speak on the topic of “Anxiety During the Pandemic.”

Art Bennett will be sharing practical strategies for helping children cope with the stress of this time as well as suggestions for spouses to support one another. Plan to join us for what will be an engaging and helpful presentation for parents in our community.

Register for the Fall Virtual Open House

All Saints Catholic School will host a Fall Virtual Open House for prospective parents on Thursday, November 5 at 7:00 PM via Zoom. All Saints’ Pre-Kindergarten – 8th grade nationally recognized school is currently offering in-person and virtual learning options.

Plan now to attend the Fall Virtual Open House to discover how your child can benefit from All Saints’ nurturing faith environment and innovative approach to learning.

All Saints Virtual Open House

For more information, please contact Mrs. Nancy Weaver at (703) 393-1490 or

Thank You,
School Families!

Thank you so much to our incredible All Saints families. You’re overwhelming support for our teachers and staff via Helping Hands has been truly amazing! Nearly 60 families signed up as Helping Hands volunteers to help with class projects, donate items, or provide prayers and encouragement for our faculty and staff. Thanks to your
great response:

  • Every teacher and class has multiple project helpers.
  • The Celebration Station in the teacher’s lounge is a huge success. The faculty and staff greatly appreciate the wonderful assortment of drinks, snacks, and treats to help them get through the day, and that special dietary needs are so thoughtfully provided.
  • The items for Teacher’s Wish List posted on HelpCounter are claimed often the same day they’ve been posted and then brought to the school.

Thank you for showing your love and support in so many ways. The faculty and staff can tangibly feel your support, and they are so grateful!! Any All Saints family is  welcome to donate items for the Celebration Station or Teacher’s Wish List posted on HelpCounter.

If you’d like to be on the email list, please update your profile to join Helping Hands and/or Teacher’s Wish List.


In Christ,

Holly Crocker
PTO Helping Hands Coordinator

Family Stewardship Program

The PTO will be using the HelpCounter Software as a single point access point for signing up for volunteer opportunities and logging completed stewardship shares. The parent of each student has been added to the Help Counter database under the email listed in the school registration packet (both parents may have the same email listed). Each family will need to log into HelpCounter and create their profile.

If you used HelpCounter last year, you may be asked to create a new log-in. Access to HelpCounter is through the following link: HelpCounter Software.

Here is a link to HelpCounter Instructions.

In addition, per the diocese, all volunteers must complete a background check and a training program called VIRTUS prior to participating in an in-person volunteering opportunity. Please refer to the following link for specific directions on completing this process.


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact volunteer coordinators Carol Rice or Sharon Storey

Helping Hands Survey

Education during a pandemic is extremely challenging for students, parents, staff, and especially on teachers – many of whom have school children as well. As a parent at this school for over 14 years, I can tell you that one of the many blessings of All Saints School is the tremendous community of families, teachers, staff, and our priests.

Together we do amazing things! This is especially evident when family members volunteer for the school. Although current health concerns prevent volunteers from helping inside the school, there is still an opportunity to provide much needed support to our hardworking teachers by being a Helping Hand volunteer.

Helping Hands will be doing small projects for teachers in the comfort of your own home, donating healthy snacks and extra classroom materials, and sending thoughtful notes of encouragement among other things. I recognize that everyone is busy, but if you have a little time to spare and want to be a Helping Hand, please join our amazing team of helpers by filling out our Helping Hands Survey before Wednesday, October 7th. Thank you so much!

Holly Crocker
Helping Hands Coordinator

Uniform Closet

Below is an updated letter with information regarding drop-off and pick-up dates for the 2020-2021 school year.  Also included is a copy of the All Saints Uniform Closet order form.

Please note that if you need uniforms for September, the due date for the request form is September 9 with a pick up date of September 18. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Marijo Petras & Stephanie Gibaldi

Uniform Closet Guidelines 2020

Uniform Closet Request Form

All Saints Band Information

Message from All Saints Band Director
Mr. Barry Ward

At this time, we are planning to resume band lessons in September. The band picture has changed of course, and will be reconfigured to make it safe for everyone and as effective as possible. Some of the changes are as follows:
Full advanced band rehearsals after school will not take place until it is safe for larger groups.
Tuesdays will again be lesson day, both beginner and advanced, and lessons will have a number of mitigating techniques such as separation of chairs and stands, cleaning between classes, and using the large space in the PAC for lessons.

Additionally, lessons will be organized by cohort and grade level which will create mixed instrument classes.
Rules in band will include a no borrow policy, no touch policy, and music and band folders personally issued as always. A mask on policy will be used during lessons with techniques to include playing underneath or using an improvised mask. Believe it or not, I have experimented with just a slit opening and really had no problems playing the instruments. A band mask should be kept in a paper bag in each student’s instrument case. There will be online information sharing, such as specially composed music for the program.

Let us hope that our students can receive the instruction that they deserve and play musical instruments to give them a richer experience. All students are asked to have and start with the lesson book, Essential Elements, Book 1 and /or 2 by Tim Luetzenhiezer and others. It will be a great time to work on individual skills and not just performance skills. This approach is a better educational model to start a school year, and hopefully performances will develop toward May or even a band trip!

Band Forms

Dates and Events 2020 – 2021 (Approved)

  • Tuesday, September  8 – Demonstrations of Instruments and 1st General Band Meeting (outdoors or PAC)
  • Tuesday, September 15 – Parents’ Registration Night and Instrument Rentals at 6:45 PM – Registration for Band
  • Tuesday, September  T.B.A. – 1st Lessons for Beginner and Advanced, 4th – 8th grade lessons – (PAC)

No after school Advanced Band rehearsals will take place on Tuesday afternoons until deemed safe.

Concerts and Performances 2021

  • 1st School and Parent Concert – Tuesday, January 19th – postponed until safe
  • Arlington Diocese Honor Bands start rehearsals- February/March – hopefully, but on hold until safe
  • Arlington Diocese Band Festival and Assessments (Adv. only) – T.B.D. at Ireton H.S, – hopefully, but on hold
  • Diocese Honor Band Concerts (Ireton H.S.) – (T.B.D.) postponed until safe  (Ireton H.S.) – hopefully. but on hold
  • Spring Trip: Hershey/Lancaster County  (if all goes well) – Friday, May 7th –  hopefully
  • Final School and Parents Concert  -Tuesday, May 18th-  7:00 P.M. – hopefully

I appreciate everyone’s support for the All Saints Band Program and look forward to the year ahead.

Mr. Barry Ward
All Saints Band Director

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

I wish to share with you today some important procedural updates and reminders related to our arrival and dismissal process as we continue to prepare for reopening day.

Morning Arrival (7:45 – 8:15 AM)
As in prior years, parents are invited to participate in the morning drop-off process in either the front or rear parking lots. The traffic pattern will be the same as in the past with cars following a circular route that leads to a designated drop off area. The process will be supervised and guided by members of the faculty and staff without the participation of Safety Patrols.

All parents and students are asked to remain in their vehicle until they arrive at the front of the line. Students will exit from vehicle #1 and vehicle #2, after which they will have their temperature checked and then proceed into the building via the New Breezeway entrance. If there is a concern regarding a student’s temperature, the child will be asked to re-enter the car and the parent will be directed to another parking area for further consultation with our school nurse, Mrs. Snowden.

Students who choose to either walk or ride a bicycle to school are asked to enter the school via the rear entrance of the Old Breezeway (the exterior doors adjacent to the Nurse’s Office) where they will have their temperature checked prior to admittance.

Students attending Extended Day in the morning will also have their temperatures checked as they exit their vehicle. Parents are asked to remain in their cars during drop-off at Extended Day.

Afternoon Dismissal (3:00 – 3:30 PM)
Again this year all parents have been assigned a designated parking area, i.e. the front or rear parking lot. When arriving on campus, parents are asked to remain in their vehicle and to display their carpool number on the driver’s side of their windshield. As there are many new families joining our school this year, all parents are also asked to have a photo ID available.

Parents assigned to the front parking lot may park in either Bay 1 which exits to Route 28/Center Street or Bay 2 which exits to Stonewall Road. Parents are asked to park their vehicle facing the School/Parish Activity Center. (Please note that Bay 2 is now located in the center of the front parking lot. Additionally, the first cars to arrive in Bay I will park on the opposite side of the lot as in prior years. Please see the link below for more details.)

Carpool Pool Maps 2020-2021:

Parents assigned to the rear parking lot are asked to park in the largest section directly in front of the soccer field. After students have entered their vehicles in the “loading zone,” parents may exit to Stonewall Road or Center Street by passing through the church parking lot.

In support of physical distancing, the students will no longer gather in the courtyard or behind the school in preparation for afternoon dismissal. Instead, they will report to the “loading zone” as their carpool number is called. When it is time to begin the dismissal process, a staff member will invite the first row of cars to pull forward into the “loading zone” at which time the carpool numbers will be transmitted to the classrooms. Once the students have reported and safely entered their vehicles, a staff member will motion for the row of cars to exit the property after which the process will begin again with the second row.

Please note that during arrival and dismissal, students will exit and enter from the passenger side of the vehicle. For this reason, please be sure to position car seats accordingly, particularly if your child may require assistance.

Carpool Numbers
All families have been assigned a carpool number. Teachers will be forwarding this information via email today to those families that did not receive their number during the Welcome Home events. This number must be clearly displayed in the front windshield on the driver’s side.

Afternoon Dismissal – Parking Assignments Front Parking Lot – Last Name A – P

  • Bay 1 – Park in Bay 1 if you will exit the school to Route 28/Center Street
  • Bay 2 – Park in Bay 2 if you will exit the school to Stonewall Road

Rear Parking Lot – Last Name Q – Z

  • Bay 3 – All families will park in Bay 3 and can exit either to Route 28 or Stonewall Road

Carpool – Families who share carpool responsibilities will park in Bay 3 in the rear lot of the school regardless of last name.

Extended Day Program
Students attending Extended Day will report to Father Kelley Wing following the conclusion of dismissal. As such, they will not be available for pick-up from the program until approximately 3:30 PM.

In an effort to minimize the mixing of student groups, grade level “pods” have been assigned specific areas in Meeting Room 1 & 2 and Father Kelley Hall. Parents arriving to pick-up their children from the program are asked to notify Extended Day Staff via the exterior doors of these three rooms.

Students attending the program on Monday and Tuesday are reminded to bring a lunch to school. Similarly, kindergartners who will be participating in Extended Day on Wednesday and Thursday will also need to have a lunch.

Should you have any questions about our procedures, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Important Message from the School Nurse

As we continue to prepare for reopening day, I’m pleased to share with you some important information from our school nurse.

Mrs. Snowden has prepared a detailed letter for parents regarding our policy for the wearing of face coverings (masks) as well as a presentation that includes slides and videos regarding our new procedures.  We ask that you review and discuss this presentation with your children prior to Monday. This information is being provided as part of the training requirement which we included in our Phase III COVID Mitigation Health Plan.

At the conclusion of the All Saints Parent/Student COVID-19 Training document, there is a training acknowledgement form that all parents and students in grades 4-8 are required to sign and return.  (Forms may be submitted to Mrs. Diana Neri at or turned in at the front office.)

After review of these resources, should you have any questions or wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support of the policies we are implementing to ensure the health and wellness of our community.

September Art Supply Pickup Form

To provide virtual students with the same quality of art education, All Saints will be providing a supply system for all families (dependent on their virtual learning status and cohort attendance on art days).. A form will be provided through a monthly email and will be accessible through your student’s Schoology account.

Materials will be available for pick up during a virtual learner drive through each month. As a courtesy, we ask that you do not sign up for supplies that you already have at home. Supplies are limited and will only be provided to students who will need them to complete their upcoming art assignments. In person learners will be provided with materials during class.

September Art Supplies
We ask that you complete this month’s form by September 1st for each of your students (dependent on their virtual learning status and cohort attendance on art days). This will allow us to provide you with the materials needed to complete their upcoming art projects while learning art from home.

  • Materials will be available for pick up through the virtual learner drive through from September 7-11 and will need to be returned between October 5-9, during which time you will be able to pick up your next month’s packet.
  • Families that do not return all reusable materials will be unable to rent again until all materials are returned.
  • If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Galanides at

September Art Supply Pickup Form

Our thanks to Miss Galanides for her efforts in adapting our art program to provide outstanding art education for both In-Person and Virtual Learners.