All Saints Kicks Off Annual Fund Campaign

Join the school and parish community in supporting All Saints Catholic School’s 2021-2022 Annual Fund Campaign: Lights, Camera, Action! We invite you to prayerfully reflect on the difference that All Saints makes in your child’s life and show your support through:

  • Gifts of Prayer
  • Gifts of Involvement
  • Gifts of Financial Participation

All proceeds from this year’s campaign will focus on expanding innovations in learning in the following areas.

  • Video Production Studio – Purchase cameras and lighting to support our Morning Newscast and Middle School Video Production Specialty Program.
  • Science Resources/Equipment – Purchase resources and science equipment to encourage hands-on learning from Pre-K through middle school.
  • Book Vending Machine – Purchase a specialty vending machine that provides a token for your child to select a free birthday book each year.

Your gift – no matter the size – will benefit your child now and into the future as we invest in these state-of-the-art resources for our students.

Click the button below for complete details and to make a donation!


Robotics Team in VA State Championship

Congratulations to the All Saints Robotics team which in their first year of competition qualified to participate in the Virginia State Championship in Doswell, VA this past Friday. Our team finished 17th in the Alliance Challenge and 15th in the Skills Challenge at States, and can’t wait to apply all they learned from competing in this high level competition.

It's Restaurant Week!

Fifth graders learn new skills during Restaurant Week.

Did you know it’s “Restaurant Week” in fifth grade? Students are putting their math skills into real world application by learning how math is used in a restaurant setting, from learning how to calculate a tip using percentages and decimals to understanding how to double a recipe using fractions.

The connection to everyday life doesn’t stop there. Students are learning social skills related to restaurant etiquette and developing cultural awareness by investigating how McDonald’s restaurants tailor their menu based on their global location. To round out the week, each fifth grader will participate in a “book tasting” to showcase their summarizing skills.

During the book tasting, students will write a short synopsis of a novel or short story to give others an overview of their book. After leaving these written summaries on their desks, students will travel to the other desks in their classroom to get a taste of each book. Based on the results of their “tasting,” students select the novel or short story that interests them the most.

All Saints fifth graders give Restaurant Week a thumbs-up, superior review. What a fun way to learn!