Spring Choral Concert

Below is reminder information regarding the Spring Choral Concert this Wednesday, May 29.

Wednesday, May 29
7:00 PM

Parish Activities Center (PAC)
(Students who are performing should report to the PAC at 6:40 PM.)

Parents/ family members who are unable to attend the evening performance are more than welcome to attend the afternoon performance at 1:30 PM in the PAC.

General Attire: Black dress pants, a blue, red, pink, orange, or yellow dress shirt/ blouse, and black shoes. Schola, 2nd, and 3rd grade girls can wear a black skirt instead of pants if preferred.

Dress Code for Performers:
No leggings or tights used as pants are permitted. Skirts should be at the knee (keep in mind that many students will be standing on a stage, and we want them to feel comfortable).Dress shirts/ blouses should have a neckline that is an appropriate length (i.e. just below the collar bone). Shirts should not have words or characters pictured on the front.

***Please note, students should wear their school uniform for any rehearsals or performances during the school day.***

We thank Mrs. Scott for her efforts in preparing our students and encouraging them to share their musical gifts in this joyful year-end celebration of our music program.