Middle School Announces House System

The mission of the All Saints Catholic School House System is to create a middle school community where students work together and support each otheras they grow in their Catholic faith.  The purpose of each house will be to guide and support the spiritual, academic, social and personal development of each student during their time in middle school.

Our middle school will be comprised of ten houses, each named after a saint.  Each house will be facilitated by a faculty advisor and include students from grades six, seven and eight.  Students will be assigned to a house at the beginning of the year and will remain a member throughout their middle school years at All Saints.

Each of the houses will focus on four specific areas: Advising of Students; Faith & Service; Leadership; and Community Involvement.  Students will be provided opportunities to grow in these areas through weekly meetings during which they will complete team-building exercises and service projects.  Additionally, through a Points System, student efforts will be recognized and a good-natured rivalry among the houses will be fostered.