Cafeteria Updates

Thank you to those who participated in the cafeteria survey that we conducted last year. The feedback that you provided has been very helpful and inspired the following changes:

  • In addition to providing the option of a garden salad as a main entree, a small salad will also be available as a side option instead of potato chips, potato salad, etc.
  • Ham or turkey sandwiches will now be available as an alternative entrée on days when a hot lunch is served.
  • Fresh fruit will be a more frequent menu item.
  • Some of our side items, i.e. potato salad, chips, etc. will now be available for separate purchase as a la carte items at a price of $.50 each.
  • Due to the increase in food costs and in consideration of the fact that we have not adjusted the price of lunch for a number of years, the cost this year will be increased to $3.50. There will be no change, however, in the price of milk or juice at this time.
  • Additionally, this year pretzels will only be available for purchase on special occasions and for redemption of prize cards following the Race for Education in the spring.

We look forward to rolling out these changes and to providing our students with a greater variety of nutritional options in the year ahead!

Eagle Pride Cafe

As we are always working to improve our cafeteria process, we are continuing with a program that was piloted with our 3-5 graders last spring. We are fully implementing the program in kindergarten through fifth grades this school year. The Eagle PRIDE Cafe will be a positive reinforcement of “restaurant manners” in the cafeteria.

PRIDE stands for: P-Practicing, R-Responsibility, I-in, D-Daily, E-Example The teachers and cafeteria staff will be working closely with students to encourage positive behavior in the cafeteria and earning “Eagle Dollars” as a class. Please see the link to the Cafeteria Expectations. Included is an explanation of the program and student expectations for behavior in the cafeteria. Classes will earn Eagle Dollars together and each week, the top earning class will receive a reward such as extra recess or free draw/talk time. There is no punitive consequence when a class earns zero dollars. It is simply an opportunity for the cafeteria staff and teachers to redirect to the expected behaviors. Again, this system is based on positive reinforcement.

We are very excited for the positive direction the cafeteria is continuing to take this year. The classroom teachers, cafeteria staff, and administration have worked together to review our current cafeteria procedures and made changes together to create the most wholesome and positive learning environment for our students. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Eagle Pride Cafe: Cafeteria Expectations