June 5, 2017


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Author Skype with Natalie Lloyd

Our thanks to New York Times bestselling author Natalie Lloyd for joining us on Skype to discuss her VA Readers Choice book "Snicker of Magic." … [Read more...]

Family Math Night

It was a fun night filled with engaging math puzzles and games at our first kindergarten through fifth grade, Family Math Night. … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – February 22, 2017

Principal’s Message This year, in an effort to provide our students with an enriched learning environment, we have implemented a block schedule for math and science in the middle school on Monday and Tuesday of each week.  Subsequently, students attend math and science for one ninety minute session over the course of two days.  This arrangement has allowed for more in-depth discussion of concepts, differentiation through small group instruction and additional science labs and experiments.  The block schedule concept has also enabled us to slow the tempo of the day for our middle school students, providing them the time to think more deeply about their learning.    As an extension of this initiative and a means to further explore block scheduling for our middle … [Read more...]

Robotics Team in VA State Championship

Congratulations to the All Saints Robotics team which in their first year of competition qualified to participate in the Virginia State Championship in Doswell, VA this past Friday. Our team finished 17th in the Alliance Challenge and 15th in the Skills Challenge at States, and can't wait to apply all they learned from competing in this high level competition. … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – February 15, 2017

Principal’s Message Last week I fielded a few questions regarding the change in application/re-registration fees and thought it would be helpful to share the same information in this week’s newsletter. The decision to increase the fees to $125 per student with a family maximum of $250 was the result of an analysis of fees across the diocese.  What we learned through the process is not simply that our fee is below average, but that we are ranked as the most affordable of all schools in this category.  In an effort to maintain a fee structure that communicates value as well as affordability, we implemented this fee increase for the 2017-2018 academic year. We do recognize that families continue to sacrifice financially in order to give their children the gift of a Catholic … [Read more...]