Student Art Contest

Our thanks to Thom Harrington of The Abbate Agency, Knights of Columbus for sponsoring an Art Contest for the 5th-8th graders! The theme of the contest is: Catholic Faith. Winners were announced at the PTO meeting on October 18th and the winning pieces are on displayed in the Manassas office of the Abbate Agency, Knights of Columbus at 7794 Donegan Drive, Manassas VA 20109.

Congratulations to our winners: Emily, Emerson, Kylie and Emilia.

The Abbate Agency, Knights of Columbus is committed to being a Catholic company that upholds Catholic values and supports Catholic causes. The Knights of Columbus adheres to a strict investment screening protocol developed in part with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Knights of Columbus does not invest in companies that deal in lines of business that violate our Catholic faith and morals.