Kindness to the Community

As part of our “Year of Kindness,” we will continue with Kindness to Community.  Our focus is now on community helpers.  The school will be adopting the City of Manassas Police Department and all grades will participate in showing our gratitude and appreciation for everything they do for our community.  The classes will all participate in different aspects of a gift to the police department.  At home you can talk with your children about all the helpers in our community and how you can show kindness to them.

Also, our kindness to community “confetti house” is touring the classrooms this week. The students will fill it with kindness confetti that represents all the different “kindness to community” activities they have done in December, January and February (i.e. food pantry donations, toy drive).  It has been great to see all the different ways the students have given back to the community.