House of Blessed Chiara

Today is the Feast Day of Blessed Chiara Luce Badano. Our middle school “House of Blessed Chiara” is honoring their house saint by writing and placing stickers with kind messages onto lollipops and distributing them to each of our students in middle school. The lollipop theme ties into a leadership video the House of Chiara watched earlier this year and supports Blessed Chiara’s focus on love and kindness.

Facts about Blessed Chiara:

  • She was born in Sassello, Italy. Her parents had prayed and hoped for a child for more than 10 years.
  • Blessed Chiara is known for her big heart. From the age of four, she began giving away her favorite toys, inviting those less fortunate into her home, and visiting the elderly and sick.
  • She died of bone cancer at the age of 18. Before she died, she said, “I have nothing left, but I still have my heart and with that I can always love.
  • Pope Benedict XVI declared her “Blessed” in 2010.