Bullying Awareness Week

All Saints kicked off Bullying Awareness Week with a student assembly complete with a skit featuring our very own teachers. Photos/video will be available shortly!

As we kick off Bullying Awareness Week, Mrs. Slater would like to thank the following students who have been named 2017 Student Ambassadors and have assisted with the preparation for this week’s activities:

Christopher Sheeran
Kyleigh Fifield
Caroline Tuttle
Noemi Rodriguez
Sofia Mariscal
Carter Roth
Aidan Ragland
Josie Cole
Isabella Ventura
Mary Catherine Munsell
Brielle Appiatse
Abby Weigler
Sofia Olivera
Aubrey Kubiak
Anna Russo
Nicholas Bouril
Jenna Feltman
Orla Haggerty
Emma Kate Coleman
Leslie Avila de la Trinidad
Charles Bonanno
Liam Davies
Liz Rice
Isaac Fleising
Abby King
Angelina Yann
Alex Iskenderoglu
Jack Champney
Emily Sherman
Savannah Halstead
Awaraba Anobah-Manteau
Trinity Cheatham
Claire Larrabee
Alyssa Newman
Mike Short
Natalie Mirus
Sage Ludwig
Emma Reynolds
Charlotte Yelvington