Science Fair Features Hands-On Learning

Congratulations to the following winners of our annual middle school science fair.  Thank you, Mrs. Cottingham and Mrs. Woolfrey, for your dedication and for all that you did to guide the students through the process.

Behavioral & Social Science
3rd place – Chloe Davies
2nd place – Christina Santiago
1st place – Julia Woolfrey

1st place – Skyler Yann

3rd place – Sabrina Yap and Juan Santos (tie)
2nd place – Yohannes Adiamseged
1st place – Abby Yelvington

3rd place – Talia Dickson
2nd place – Mike Short
1st place – Katie Ulrich

Computer Science
1st place – Zack Kreitzer/Arianna Delgado (tie)

Earth & Space Science
1st place – Amelia Slater

2nd place – Lex Hartung
1st place – Nate Pora

2nd place – Aidan Thompson
1st place – Tim Mills

Medicine & Health
2nd place – Beverley Appiatse
1st place – Patrick McCurdy

2nd place – Claire Larrabee
1st place – Erin Balagtas

3rd place – Lizzie Mangilit
2nd place – Lily Newgen
1st place – Bernadette Kwari

3rd runner-up – Patrick McCurdy
2nd runner-up – Aidan Thompson
1st runner-up – Bernadette Kwari
Grand Champion – Julia Woolfrey

Representing All Saints at the Diocesan Science Fair:
Patrick McCurdy
Aidan Thompson
Bernadette Kwari
Julia Woolfrey
Jacob Collins
Chloe Davies
Zack Kreitzer
Nate Pora
Katie Ulrich
Amelia Slater