PE Classes Guided by "Eagle Pride"

eagle-pride-all-saints-fbMr. Redman is introducing a new theme in Physical Education (PE) classes this year centered around the idea of Eagle Pride. The new theme will serve several functions. It will be a behavioral signal when students need to stop talking, stop moving, etc. “I am instructing students to be ready for my signal of ‘Eagle,’ explains Mr. Redman, “and they will respond with ‘Pride.’ ”

Eagle Pride will also support lessons in attitude and effort. Instead of being a “chicken that can’t get off the ground,” Mr. Redman encourages students to “have the right attitude which determines your altitude and allows you to soar!”

Mr. Redman’s hand-painted Eagle is currently featured on the PE bulletin board in the gym. He will also be tying in the concept of Eagle Pride with achievements in the new Eagle Pride quarterly PE newsletter.

Go All Saints Eagles!!