Important Allergy Awareness Presentation – October 1st

On October 1st at 7pm in the PAC, the PTO will be sponsoring a General Assembly Meeting on a very important topic that you won’t want to miss.  We are so fortunate to have a wonderfully dynamic speaker from our very own school community- our beloved school nurse, Mrs. Jillian Roth, R.N.

In addition to her nursing qualifications and wonderful way with our students, what you may not know is that she is considered an Anaphylaxis Community Expert with a specialty in Epinephrine Resource School Nursing (one of four with this qualification in the state of Virginia).  Mrs. Roth will be speaking on food allergies and anaphylaxis- a topic which you may be surprised to hear effects a number of children in our own school and many in the community at large.

This is a must see presentation- even if your child does not have allergies, if your child has a friend who does- or any child with allergies spends any time at your house- these strategies can be life saving.  If you volunteer in the classroom or work with children, you can play a role in keeping children safe with this information.

In fact, we think that this presentation is so important; you can earn 10 Points for Parents for attending the General Assembly meeting on October 1st.

Want to earn 1/2 your Points for Parents for the entire year?!?  Attend all three General Assembly Meetings and you can earn 30 Points for Parents.