12 Summer Websites for Students

Here are twelve engaging educational websites, courtesy of educator Willona Sloan, to keep students learning through the dog days of summer:

  1. Art Games  – Students can design their own abstract paintings online, learn about pioneering artists, and explore painting techniques.
  2. Great Websites for Kids – Dozens of recommendations for exemplary websites for students up to age 14, curated by members of the Association of Library Service to Children.
  3. NGA Kids – The National Gallery of Art website features the Photo Op program, which allows kids to use a virtual camera to take pictures and experiment with photo-editing tools; they can also create virtual paintings, assemble collages, and explore art history.
  4. National Geographic Kids and National Geographic Education– Photographs and videos of animals and natural environments, links to encyclopedia resources, craft ideas, puzzles, and quizzes.
  5. Oxford Owl – More than 250 free e-books, and kids can print, illustrate, and construct their own picture books, play games to test their comprehension, and do math activities.
  6. Pass the Plate – Nutritious recipes from all over the world.
  7. PBS Kids – Videos from Word Girl, Arthur, and The Electric Company, and places to create comic strips, create and mix global beats, test-drive a space flyer, and do an experiment in the Inventor’s Workshop.
  8. Science NetLinks  – The American Association for the Advancement of Science has interactive games, podcasts, information on the inner workings of the body, and science news written by young readers.
  9. USA.gov Kids – The WebRangers game simulates being a national park ranger, and students can practice cryptology and code breaking, explore the 50 states, discover health careers, learn tips for saving money, and listen to stories from Peace Corps volunteers.
  10. Wonderopolis – Each day, this site explains a new “wonder” of daily life, for example, how to create harmony, why zebras have stripes, and where buffalo roam.
  11. Word Mover – Available free through iTunes – Kids can create “found poetry” by choosing from word banks and remixing famous works.
  12. iWASWondering – Inspired by the middle-school biography series, Women’s Adventures in Science, this site has brief biographical information and interactive games, including a virtual telescope.