Virtue of the Month-Stewardship/Service

The Virtue of the month which will be celebrated school-wide is Stewardship/Service.

Virtue of the Month ~ Stewardship/Service

1.           Do random acts of kindness every day.

2.           Always be there to help a classmate or a teacher who needs you.

3.           Take care of all classroom furniture, books and papers.

4.           Take care of your library book and return it on time.

5.           Don’t waste paper.  Use both sides.

6.           Pick up paper, pencils, and items you see on the ground inside and outside, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT DROP THEM.  Put them in their proper place.

7.           Put all papers, cans, and bottles in the proper recycling bin.  Never throw away something that can be recycled, both at home and at school.

8.           Find ways to help at home BEFORE you are asked.  Examples: make your bed, clear the table, walk the dog, read to a little brother or sister, clean up your mess, take out the trash.

9.           Treat all nature with respect. (Flowers, grass, trees, water, pets, wild animals.)

10.         Help all people in need, especially those less fortunate than yourself.  Give food, clothes, and money to the poor.  Smile at someone who looks sad.  Pray for all people in need around the world.