NJHS Thanksgiving Prayer Service & Fresh Food Drive

The annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service will be held on Tuesday, November 20th at 9:30 a.m. in the church. Through a partnership with the Bethany Food Pantry, members of the National Junior Honor Society will once again be collecting fresh food to provide families in need with a Thanksgiving meal.

In an effort to evenly distribute our collection, we are asking for grade-level donations as follows.  Families who wish to donate a turkey, turkey breast, or whole chicken, are invited to drop them off at the front office at the start of theschool day on Tuesday. 

Pre-Kindergarten          2 packages of rolls or 2 boxes of bread mix
Kindergarten                1-pound bag of fresh carrots
Grade 1                        1 canned ham
Grade 2                        1 5-pound bag of fresh white potatoes
Grade 3                        1 large bag of apples or 1 large bag of oranges
Grade 4                        2 cans of pie filling and 2 pie crusts (ready-made or mix)
Grade 5                        1 3-pound bag of onions
Grade 6                        2 large fresh squash
Grade 7                        3 boxes of Stove-top stuffing mix & 2 large jars of gravy
Grade 8                        3 large cans of sweet potatoes