Author Karen Kiefer Discusses Drawing God

All Saints Catholic School hosted a literacy event with Author Karen Kiefer as part of its Catholic Schools Week celebration on Thursday, February 4, 2021.  During a school-wide virtual Zoom meeting followed by grade level breakout sessions, the author discussed her inspiration for writing the book Drawing God (hint: it involves God and a supermarket), how the writing process took shape as she developed the book. and the importance of taking time to think about and express your faith.

Drawing God is an uplifting story that encourages families to explore the multitude of ways that God’s presence shines brightly. In the story, Emma returns from an art museum field trip and decides to draw Picasso. When Emma then decides to address the spectacular by drawing God, her classmates can’t see God in her drawings until they are inspired by Emma’s excitement and faith. Mrs. Kiefer hopes that by encountering Emma and her contagious faith, Drawing God will inspire people to think and talk about how and where they see God.

Mrs. Kiefer, who refers to herself as an “accidental author,” shared the story of how God’s plan (his whisper) directed her to write a book focused on encouraging readers to express their faith.  While introducing the breakout sessions, Mrs. Kiefer encouraged students to “consider your gifts, your thoughts, and how you specifically are inspired to draw God.”

You can find out more about Karen Kiefer and the drawing God movement inspired by her book on the website:

Our thanks to Mrs. Coyle for her efforts in setting up this special author event and to Karen Kiefer for her inspirational message encouraging all to think about how and where they see God.