CYO Basketball – Season Recap

Congratulations to all of our winning CYO basketball teams and thank you to the coaches and parents who supported the program throughout the season.  We are proud of your accomplishments and your outstanding representation of our community!

8th Grade Boys (Coach Espos/Ella) – 3rd Place in regular season/2nd Place in Tournament

8th Grade Boys (Coach McCabe/Gaynord) – 3rd Place in regular season/Tournament Champions (Div. 5)

8th Grade Girls (Coach Caturano) – 3rd Place in regular season/Tournament Champions

8th Grade Girls (Coach Goldsmith) – 3rd Place in regular season/Tournament Champions (Div. 6)

7th Grade Boys (Coach Magee/Waddy) – 3rd Place in Tournament

7th Grade Boys (Coach Michak/Seigel) – 2nd Place in Tournament

7th Grade Girls (Coach Espos/Cadle) – 3rd Place in Tournament

7th Grade Girls (Coach Kreitzer/Kreitzer) – Regular season Champions

6th Grade Girls (Coach Carter) – 3rd Place in Tournament

5th Grade Boys (Coach Rice/Rice) – 2nd Place in Tournament

5th Grade Girls (Coach Seigel/Seigel) – Regular season Champions/Tournament Champions

4th Grade Girls (Coach Gray) – Sportsmanship Award