June 1, 2017


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Pre-K Storybook Parade

Our Pre-K students shared a book, dressed up as a favorite storybook character, and enjoyed a parade around the school. … [Read more...]

Penny Bazaar

Lots of fun, laughter and beautiful fall weather for our 2016 Penny Bazaar. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Luncheon

One of our cherished traditions at All Saints is the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon, a special meal prepared by the kitchen staff for students, parents, faculty & staff.  In an effort to accommodate all of the families who attend and to reduce wait time, we will again be hosting four lunch seatings this year.  The schedule for the Thanksgiving Luncheon is as follows: 11:00-11:40     Grades 6-8 11:40-12:20     Grades 4-5 12:20-1:00       Grades 2-3 1:00-1:40         Grades K-1 The arrival process will be the same as prior years with parents reporting directly to their son/daughter’s classroom.  There, they will wait with their children, and when called by grade level, report to the cafeteria via the Father Kelley Wing. So that the kitchen staff may begin planning for the … [Read more...]

Junior Achievement Volunteers Needed

Junior Achievement Volunteers Needed Good morning! This year Junior Achievement’s “season” is from October through April.  We’re hoping that if it wasn’t a good fit in previous years then this change can make the program more available than it was before.  Classes that currently do not have a volunteer are: K1, K2, 2B, 6B, 8A and 8B.  Schedules are coordinated between the volunteer and the teacher so you can choose which dates and times work for your and your teacher.  There is a great deal of flexibility between now and April so while we may be in the middle of multiple extracurricular commitments already (fall sports, etc), you can sign up now for class dates during a less stressful time. In you are interested, please feel free to contact me through any of the methods below.  Thank you … [Read more...]

Take Our Online Bullying Survey

Through the Virtue Program and the full integration of our faith across the curriculum, students at All Saints are encouraged to develop habits of respect, kindness, and compassion.  Over the course of years, these traits become part of the fabric of our students’ lives.  Nevertheless, it is vitally important that we explicitly remind our students of the dangers and consequences of bullying. In accordance with our school and diocesan policy, this week I would like to invite all parents to participate in an anonymous, online survey for the purpose of assessing the level of bullying at All Saints Catholic School.  We estimate that it should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete the survey.  Students in grades 3-8 will complete a corresponding survey during their computer … [Read more...]