April 24, 2017



Our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is sponsored by the school to promote a cooperative effort at meeting the needs of the student body. Through its partnership with the school, the PTO supports a wide range of initiatives to enhance our faith-focused learning environment.

Welcome All Saints Families!

Message from the PTO Board

The PTO board would like to welcome everyone to what will surely be another wonderful year at All Saints Catholic School!  This year we’ve decided to share monthly highlights of our board meetings to keep you up to date with the happenings in the school, as well as to give you a heads up on upcoming events.

  • Welcome to all the new All Saints families!! We sincerely hope all the new families have heard from your Guardian Angel to be welcomed to the community and encouraged to join us in supporting the school through a wide variety of PTO activity.
  • Mark your calendars now for the All Saints Casino & Auction – November 19, 2016 at the All Saints Parish Activity Center beginning at 6:00PM. More information about this exciting event coming soon!
  • Have you turned in your grocery card form yet?The grocery program is looking for high family participation.  Please remember to re-register your grocery cards to benefit All Saints.  Also, keep saving those Box-Tops!  Last year alone, the school earned $2,700 from clipped box-tops.



We, the Parent Teacher Organization of All Saints Catholic School, grounded by our faith in God, commit ourselves to build community amongst school families and within the parish.

As dedicated parents and teachers, we work through fellowship to raise and expend funds necessary to enhance the learning environment of our students.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we promote sound communications and social activities in order to cultivate a harmonious relationship between home and school and in our community.

The PTO’s main purpose is to promote home-school communication and to provide financial as well as moral support for the school program. The by-laws further state that the PTO shall not directly affect school policies. The general membership of the PTO meets every second month beginning in September. If additional meetings are called, notification will be sent home with the students. Many opportunities are available for parental involvement in PTO activities.

By registering their children for All Saints Catholic School, parents make a commitment to be actively involved in the school. Parents commit to 60 points of involvement throughout the year in the FAMILY Program. A contract is signed by parents by which they indicate areas in which they desire to be involved. Active parental participation creates further awareness of the school’s total educational program and support for its mission.

The parent organization should strive:

  • to serve in an advisory capacity to support the principal/administration;
  • to provide a means by which parents can respectfully articulate their values and expectations regarding the school so that these can be examined and addressed by the principal/administration;
  • to support and promote quality Catholic education at the school;
  • to encourage Catholic values of family life;
  • to share with teachers the values that parents are attempting to develop with their children at home;
  • to acquaint parents with up-to-date information concerning current developments in educational initiatives as they may affect the School so that they can be in a better position to promote the legitimate rights of their children;
  • to unify parents in an effort to raise funds each year for the school.


President: Charles Kapur

President-Elect: Carol Rice

Treasurer:  Melissa Rhodes

Secretary: Kathy Harvill

Faculty Rep: Mrs. Kathleen Izquerdo

Ex Officio President: Michelle Suppers


The PTO is involved with the following committees and programs:
Subcommittee Ways/Means – Kristi Hernandez

Race for Education – Marjorie Collins

Auction/Casino – Michelle Suppers and Marjorie Collins

5K – Sue Haggerty, Janene Furhman

Spirit Events – Meagan Davies

Box Tops – Maria Yeckel

Grocery Store Cards – Danielle O’ Neill

Uniform Exchange – Dawn Myers

Spirit Wear – Kerry Balagtas

Subcommittee: Hospitality – Katherine Mills and Rachel Weigler

Conference Luncheons – Ashli Thompson

CSW Luncheons – Sarah Roccograndi

Jan/Feb Open Houses – OPEN

New Parent Coffee – OPEN

Evening with St. Nick – Barbara Almond, Sarah Roccograndi

Lenten Soup Supper – Robin Dalusung

Funeral Ministry – Nicole Merz

Science Fair – Carol Rice, Katherine Mills, Ashli Thompson

PTO BBQ – Beth and Juan Rivera

EPSF Screening – Theresa Zahorchak

Veteran’s Day – Traci Cole

Room Liaison Coordinator – Sherie Kristiansen

Subcommittee: Volunteer Coordinator – Johanna Catts

Christmas Parade – Andrew Cooney

DPTO Representative – Jillian Roth

Pilgrim Virgin Statue – Julie Mantooth

Sunshine Committee – Leslie Rowitz

New Families – Melissa Rhodes

PTO on-line calendar – Joanna Duran

Book Fair Coordinator – Renata McLaughlin

Parish Cake Walk – OPEN

Cafeteria – Sofia Rodriguea

Penny Bazaar Coordinator – Neklea Nesbitt

Junior Achievement – Kat Champney

School Supplies – Rebecca Johnson

Nursery – Tara Sayani and Olga Watanabe

Chess Club – OPEN

Teacher Representative – Katherine Izquierdo


Find out more about the PTO’s Family Stewardship Program.