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Special Announcements/Notes

  • 5/6 – POM (Christina’s World) due Sept. 24 & 25
  • 7/8 – POM (The Annunciation) due Sept. 25 & 26


Sketchbook Prompts (6th – 8th grade)

Three sketches are due at the end of every trimester (with progress checks throughout). This is equal to about one drawing for two weeks so drawings should be thoughtful and done to the best of your ability. Do not wait until the last minute! Drawings should be one full page and the prompt number should be written at the bottom of the page.

  1. The contents of your desk drawer
  2. A pile of laundry waiting to get washed
  3. Someone’s hair
  4. An instrument
  5. Something you see in church
  6. Your hand in multiple positions (at least 3)
  7. Your hand holding an object
  8. Your favorite animal or your pet
  9. Design a dream room using one point perspective
  10. A still life of 3 objects
  11. A delicious dessert
  12. New cover for your favorite album/song
  13. An object lit by a light source (i.e. candle, lamp, flashlight, etc.)
  14. Change the size relationship of two things and draw them next to each other (i.e. a bug the size of a house)
  15. A portrait of your best friend
  16. A self portrait
  17. An object with an interesting texture
  18.  A large jar and fill it up with something (candy, toys, rocks, etc.)
  19. A meaningful object from home
  20. A meaningful object from church
  21. A mechanical object
  22. The word as the shape of the object (such as the word apple in the shape of an apple)
  23. Create an imaginary animal by combining 3 different animal parts
  24. Create a new invention using something to your right
  25. A close up of a plant

“With God All Things Are Possible.”