August 18, 2015


Chess Club

All Saints Chess ClubThe All Saints School Chess Club is available to all grades (K-8) and will meet in the Art Room (second floor) on the first and third Thursday of each month.

Please pick up your child directly from the Art Room, where we will hold all meetings.  If the number of enrolled students exceeds the room’s capacity, we will split the club into multiple groups and improvise as has been done in the past.

There will be a $10.00 per child club fee (payable to: All Saints Catholic School), which will be used to purchase awards.  Please return the signed permission form (see link below) along with the club fees to the school office with attention to: “Chess Club: Kim Ulrich”.  Mrs. Ulrich has graciously volunteered to help with our bookkeeping.

All Saints Chess Club Permission Form

Snack: Please have your child bring a snack and drink to enjoy during each meeting.

Points for Parents:  You can earn 3 points per volunteer hour if you help the club.

The club needs volunteer parents to assist with meeting and greeting the students, supervising games/activities, and helping out where needed.  We need one to two parents per session to help maintain order, via the ground rules (see below).  Please let me know if you are willing to help.

The goal for the year will be to increase all students’ understanding and enjoyment of the game of chess.

For the beginners, we will focus on learning the rules of the game.  For the more advanced players, we will study basic tactical principles and checkmating themes.  We will try to encourage a healthy attitude of competitiveness both by encouraging the students to play against and learn from one another and by encouraging the students to participate in local chess competitions.

All Saints Chess Club

Behavioral Ground Rules

  1. Be responsible for cleaning your space after eating snacks
  2. Place all backpacks, book bags, coats, etc., in the area provided to prevent tripping hazards in emergency situations
  3. Do not throw equipment or chess pieces
  4. Return full and complete chess sets when you are finished playing
  5. Let an adult know where you are going if you leave the meeting room (Extended Day Care, restroom, parent pickup and so on)
  6. Play quietly
  7. No horse play allowed
  8. Pay attention while the group coaching session is in progress
  9. Go to Extended Day Care if you are bored and are tired of playing chess or ask your parent to bring you home
  10. If behavior is inappropriate, then warnings will be given
  11. Persistent inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and the child will not be permitted to return.

Thank you,
David Kreitzer
Home: 703-754-3353
Work: 503-264-1144