April 25, 2017


The Sentinel – April 12, 2017

Principal’s Message This week our Church celebrates the greatest mystery of our faith ~ the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  As a school community, we prepare for our journey into the three holiest days of the year, the Triduum, through prayer and tradition.    Beginning at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, the students and faculty will gather in the church for our annual Holy Thursday Prayer Service.  After listening to Scripture readings and reflecting on the example of Jesus, each of the children will participate in the “hand-washing” ceremony that has become a long-standing tradition in our school.    Following the prayer service, the students will gather in the Parish Activities Center at 10:45 a.m. for the 7th grade portrayal of … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – April 5, 2017

Principal’s Message As we near the conclusion of Lent, I want to thank you for encouraging your children to participate in the Rice Bowl project.  This initiative has provided our students a very specific way to embrace the practice of prayer, fasting and almsgiving during this liturgical season.   Families who have participated in the Rice Bowl effort are asked to convert the monetary donations into checks made out to All Saints Catholic School and to forward them to the office by Wednesday, April 12th.  Please be sure to include a reference to “CRS Rice Bowl” in the memo section of the check.  All of the proceeds received will be totaled and forwarded to Catholic Relief Services.   Additionally, students who have contributed to the project are asked to bring … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – March 29, 2017

Principal’s Message This week I would like to share with you some important updates regarding our faculty and staff as well as changes for the 2017-2018 academic year.    Next year Mrs. Parriott will transition to a full-time position in the expanded Pre-Kindergarten program where she will teach the full day class.  Mrs. Rogers, Director of Pre-Kindergarten, will teach the half day classes which will provide her time each Friday to dedicate to her leadership of the program.   Mrs. Burnett (2nd Grade Teacher) is now preparing for the birth of her first child.  As such, she has decided that she will not be returning next year in order to care for her little one.  We thank her for her dedication during her years with us and for so beautifully preparing her … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – March 22, 2017

Principal’s Message This week we are half way through our Lenten journey, an ideal moment to pause and reflect on how we are growing in our relationship with Christ during this sacred time.  Walking through the hallways, there is much inspiration to be found in the displays created by the children that remind us of the season and that highlight the sacrifices they are each making.  From cleverly designed license plates to paper shoes that represent the “walk with Jesus”, the bulletin boards give us a glimpse into the hearts of the children and their desire to live the Gospel – a source of inspiration for all of us during our Lenten journey.   Looking for more Lenten inspiration?  Here is a link to a wonderful resource from The Dynamic … [Read more...]

The Sentinel – March 16, 2017

Principal’s Message Just as we thought we were going to move right into spring without even a hint of winter, a late in the season storm surprised us all.  It would seem that the prayers of the students (and teachers!) were answered.  I do hope that everyone enjoyed the unexpected holiday and that it was a time of rest and relaxation for your family.   At the close of this month, when any potential for additional inclement weather has passed, we will finalize the calendar for the end of the year.  Look for these details pertaining to graduation and other end of the year ceremonies in the March 29th newsletter.    (Thank you, Mr. Andre and the Facilities Staff, for working diligently to clear the parking lots, sidewalks and courtyard so thoroughly for … [Read more...]