March 17, 2015


How to Apply

Our mission at All Saints Catholic School is to develop the potential of every student within a secure, faith-based environment. From Pre-K through 8th grade, our fifty-year tradition of academic excellence will provide your child with a solid foundation for the future.

All Saints Catholic School hosts Open House events each year in November, January and February. To RSVP for an Open House, please complete our online Open House Registration Form or contact Mrs. Joyce D’Eugenio at at (703) 393-1490 or via e-mail at

Registration for the 2015-16 School Year

  • Re-Registration for Current Families: February 4 – 20, 2015
  • Registration for New Students: February 11 – March 5, 2015 (including siblings for Pre-K & K)

Please note that All Saints continues to accept applications at the end of the March application review period.

Tuition Assistance Applications
Applications for tuition assistance are available at the school office in both English and Spanish. The Diocese of Arlington contracts through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Company. FACTS has established an on-line application process that can be initiated through their company website at

The due dates for applications and supporting documentation are as follows:

High School – January 27, 2014
Elementary School – March 17, 2014

NOTE: All families with children enrolled in both high school and elementary school will need to submit an application by the High School deadline.

Please note that ALL applications and supporting documentation must be received by FACTS by the date listed above, not postmarked.  Applications are not considered complete until FACTS has received the supporting documentation.  Additionally, only those families who are verified by FACTS as having submitted all of the required supporting documentation will be eligible for diocesan tuition assistance.

Overview of the Diocesan Tuition Assistance Program

Families interested in applying for tuition assistance for the Pre-Kindergarten program are invited to complete a separate application available in our front office.  As the diocesan tuition assistance program pertains only to those students enrolled in grades K-12, the Pre-Kindergarten assistance program is distinct and managed by All Saints rather than FACTS Tuition.


Students who desire an educational experience founded on the Catholic philosophy of education and who fulfill the age, health, academic and behavioral requirements are eligible for admission to the school. The school sets registration procedures and admission policies. The availability of space and the order of preference for admission is determined by the school according to the following general criteria:

  1. Children from the parish
  2. Children from parishes without schools
  3. Children from parishes with schools (for sufficient reason)
  4. Children from non-Catholic families

If approved by the pastor, and where practicable, siblings may receive special consideration.


Please note that All Saints Catholic School welcomes all applicants regardless of race, color, sex, creed or ethnic origin.

Age for Admission to Kindergarten

Children who have reached the age of five years by September 30th may be admitted to our kindergarten program. Readiness testing, at the discretion of school officials, may be used to determine, among other things, the developmentally appropriate placement in the kindergarten program. Readiness testing (fine/gross motor, speech, and language screen) is required for kindergarten entry and within 60 days of school admission for new students in grades 1 – 3.

Additional school readiness testing may be conducted at the discretion of school officials. In those cases where the school has sufficient reservations regarding the potential for success, those students may be admitted on a conditional basis with dates and criteria of evaluation established in writing; however, the decision of whether to extend or remove conditional admission status should be made by school officials at their discretion.

Admission Requirements: Pre-school – Grade 5

1) Presentation of an original Birth certificate (schools are expected to keep a copy of the certificate on file)

2) Baptismal certificate for Catholic students

3) Proof of custody where applicable

4) Current report card and previous academic years report card as applicable

5) Standardized test scores and previous years, if applicable

6) Completed Diocesan Application Form (Appendix J)

7) A non-refundable application fee

8 ) A fully executed MCH-213 Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Form or equivalent, which stipulates the following must be submitted prior to the student beginning school:

1. Proof of exact dates of immunization as required by the Code of Virginia

2. Current Certification of Immunization

3. Physical examination covering all required aspects as mandated on the MCH-213, within 12 months prior to entering school for the first time. Equivalent school entrance physical forms from another state may be acceptable. (Note: A preschool physical does not take the place of the required kindergarten entry physical unless it is completed within 12 months prior to kindergarten entry.)

9) Proof of satisfying tuition requirements at any former Diocesan school if previously enrolled in a Diocesan school.

Admission Requirements to Grades 6 -12

1) Presentation of an original Birth certificate (schools are expected to keep a copy of the certificate on file)

2) Baptismal certificate for Catholic students

3) Proof of exact dates of immunization

4) Records from previous school, including standardized test scores

5) Proof of custody where applicable

6) Completed Diocesan Elementary or High School Application Form (Appendix J)

5) Current Certification of Immunization

7) A non-refundable application fee

8 ) If previously enrolled in a Diocesan school, proof of satisfying tuition requirements at that former Diocesan school.