April 24, 2017


Middle School

WELCOME All Saints Catholic School - Middle School (grades 6-8)Welcome to All Saints middle school, grades 6 – 8. Middle school is an exciting time for students at All Saints with many extended learning opportunities both in core subject areas and special classes (Spanish, Physical Education, Art and Computer Technology). All Saints students enjoy a traditional middle school experience which includes changing classes and using lockers, while benefiting from our smaller setting and faith-focused environment. Students can work ahead of grade level through our Advanced Math and Advanced Spanish programs. Opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve as role models for our younger students are plentiful within our Pre-K – 8th grade school setting. All Saints middle school students are paired up with younger students through “buddy program,” benefiting both our younger and older students. Our middle school teaching staff includes the following teachers who specialize in their subject area:

  • Mrs. Woolfrey, 6A (Math)
  • Mrs. Cottingham, 6B (Science)
  • Mrs. Smith, 7A (Language Arts)
  • Mrs. Bill, 7B (Math)
  • Mrs. Slovenkay, 8A (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Kessinger, 8B (Literature)
  • Mrs. Parriott (6th Grade Religion)
  • Mr. Tessier (7th and 8th Grade Religion)

Middle school students also take Spanish with Mr. Roy, Physical Education with Mr. Redmon, Art with Mrs. Blair, and Computer Technology with Mrs. Carroll. During 8th grade, our students prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation under the guidance of Mr. Tessier, All Saints 7th and 8th grade religion teacher. Our middle school teaching staff meets regularly to coordinate curriculum across various subjects and provides many opportunities for extended learning. Examples include Renaissance Day, Red, White & Blue Election Day, participation in a town hall style meeting during our annual Veteran’s Mass & Reception, and Tom Sawyer Day.

Annual Science Fair

In late January, All Saints middle school students participate in our annual science fair, investigating topics involving physics, behavioral science, botany, medicine/health, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, engineering, microbiology, biology, earth and space. Students conduct extensive research and provide both a written and oral review of their selected topic. Winning entries from our science fair advance to compete in the Arlington Diocesan Science Fair. All Saints Catholic School placed first in 2011 and second in 2012 in the diocesan science fair. Students also participate in an annual spelling bee and geography bee.

EXTRACURRICULARS During the middle school years at All Saints, students can choose to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, including:

LEADERSHIP Our middle school students naturally assume leadership roles and act as mentors to our younger students. This ability to develop and practice key leadership skills is a true benefit of a Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade school experience. Instead of being placed in a school by themselves during the important developmental years of sixth, seventh and eighth grades, our students learn from continuing to interact with students from various grade levels. All Saints provides many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills both in class and outside of class through activities such as the Peace & Justice Players, Student Council Association, and the National Junior Honor Society.
DEMERITS Accumulations of demerits will begin anew at the start of each semester,  i.e. demerits earned by a student will not carry over to the second semester. Students remaining demerit free, will be invited to a BREAKFAST CELEBRATION. DEMERIT SYSTEM: Category I ~ 1 demerit will be given for the following: When a student fails to ~

Follow uniform code/wear uniform correctly Arrive to class on time Bring required materials to class

Category II ~ 5 demerits will be given for the following: When a student ~

Shows disrespect for teachers, adults or peers (3-5) Shows irreverence in church (3-5) Shows disrespect for property (3-5) Engages in disruptive behavior (2-5) Fails to follow classroom, hall, cafeteria or playground procedures (3-5), brings inappropriate items to school, e.g. magazines, music, electronic equipment, or sells/solicit items on school property (2-5) Throws objects (2-5) Uses inappropriate language (3-5) Writes or passes notes (2 & parents receive a copy of the note) Shows poor etiquette or cooperation in cafeteria (2-5) Chews gum on school property (2)

Cheating will result in an automatic detention and a zero for the work involved. Middle school students who accrue five demerits will serve a one hour detention before school on Wednesday morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. After three detentions during the course of one year, students must meet with the assistant principal. Accumulation of five demerits following the meeting will result in an in-school suspension with the student also receiving a zero for class work, homework and quizzes. Although a zero will not be issued for tests, the student will not receive any credit for tests administered during the period of suspension.

LOCKERS Students in middle school may use magnets to post important forms or pictures on the inside of their locker. All items displayed in lockers must be consistent with the standards and expectations of All Saints Catholic School. Students are not permitted to open another student’s locker at any time. School staff reserves the right to periodically inspect lockers and desks. Students in grades 6-8 will be required to put a combination lock on their locker at the end of the school day. Students will give their combination number to their homeroom teacher. The locks will be used to protect the students personal items during the evening and on the weekends.
HOMEWORK All class work must be completed neatly using black or blue ink. Students should write in cursive unless otherwise stated. Math assignments should be completed in pencil only. Homework must be completed neatly and submitted on time. Homework If homework is not submitted in class on the date that it is due, the student will receive a grade of zero for the assignment. Homework counts as 20% of each student’s grade. The teachers recognize that there are times when your child will be unable to complete the homework. If your son or daughter is unable to complete the required work, please write a note to the corresponding teacher in the assignment book. The homework is expected to be completed the following evening. Projects Projects are due on the date assigned.  If a project is submitted one day late, the student’s grade will drop 10 points. If the project is received two days late, the grade will drop 20 points, and if the project is three or more days late, the grade will be a zero. In the event that your child is absent on the day a project is due, the work should be submitted to the teacher on the day the student returns. Tests/Interims A test folder containing recent work, tests, and quizzes for parents/guardians to review and discuss is sent home on Wednesdays.  Parents are asked to sign the outside of the folder and return it to school by Monday morning. During the week in which interim reports are issued, the test folders will be distributed on Friday. If your child receives a Parent/Student Notification form, or interim report, it will be noted on the outside of the folder and attached to the set of papers. Each form must be signed and returned to the teacher who issued the form.


In the next few months, high schools will host their annual Open House events. At the same time, the following high schools, with the exception of Thomas Jefferson and Seton School, will also send representatives to All Saints to inform the students about their programs.  We hope the following will better assist you in your planning.

Regardless of which high school your child will be attending, every 8th grade student must complete the High School Placement Test Registration Form and return it to Mrs. Slovenkay by Friday, November 20, 2015.


Please check with each school’s web site to confirm Open House dates and times. 

  • Bishop O’Connell Catholic High School
    Mr. Michael Cresson, Director of Admissions
    703-237-1433     www.bishopoconnell.org
  • Bishop Ireton Catholic High School
    Mr. Peter Hamer, Director of Admissions
    703-751-7606    www.bishopireton.org
  • Paul VI Catholic High School
    Mrs. Eileen Hanley, Assistant Principal of Admissions/Student Life
    703-352-0925 ext.331   www.paulvi.net
  • Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School
    Ms. Jennifer Cole, Director of Admissions
    703-445-0300   www.jpthegreat.org
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology*
    571-423-3770       www.tjhsst.edu

Please Note: If you attend any of the Open Houses at the Diocesan Catholic Schools, the admissions director of each school will inform you that your child will need to take the High School Placement Test. You do not need to apply directly with the high schools to take this test because it is administered in December to our eighth grade students at All Saints. Please note that this test is given to every eighth grade student who attends the Diocese of Arlington schools. However, it is very important that you pick up an application form and complete it if you are interested in any of the above- mentioned schools.

*If your son or daughter is interested in attending this school, please contact Mrs. Slovenkay for additional information.