April 24, 2017



We would like to express our complete satisfaction towards your teachers, Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Kardaras, and supporting staff, for the 2014 school year at All Saints Catholic School.

This was such a great year for our sons. We are so proud of them both! We have seen them develop rapidly in their skills, talents, and knowledge learned at your school. To our amazement, they seem to be accelerated in their subjects and learning process to such a high degree, especially when compared to our own pace and development in the beginnings of our education. This is a true testament to your organization and quality of work that your staff and teachers deliver on a consistent basis.

It is with great confidence that we know our children are in good, caring hands at your institution. For all of this, we are very thankful and grateful to be part of the All Saints community and to have the opportunity for our children to attend school in such a high-quality environment.

Michael & Tatiana H. ~ All Saints Parents

I had the good fortune of witnessing your All Saints' Pre-Kindergarten Christmas Pageant. It was brilliantly conceived and masterfully executed. Our grandchild has essentially won the lottery, by being able to attend All Saints Catholic School and having you as a teacher.

Jerry T. ~ Pre-Kindergarten Grandparent

I wanted to thank you and the entire faculty once again. Our oldest daughter just graduated yesterday from eighth grade and completed a total of 9 years at All Saints and I must say it was the greatest experience of her and our lives. The entire All Saints experience has been truly a blessing and if we had to do it all over again we would not change a thing.

Because of All Saints Catholic School and its entire faculty my daughter was able to grow up in a wonderful, safe, nurturing, religious environment in which she was taught the fundamentals of life and religion in which she will take with her for the rest of her life. My wife and I cannot thank everyone at All Saints enough for the gift of religion, morals and respect that you taught my daughter. She is growing into a wonderful young lady and we owe a large part of it to All Saints.

Ken ~ Middle School Parent

All Saints is definitely special to me! Not just because it is a Blue Ribbon school, but because you can tell that everyone cares. The students are dedicated to the school and join many clubs and activities, in which they continue traditions and help the school grow.

Alyssa ~ 8th grade student

I've been at All Saints for ten years now. I was in the first Pre-K class, so All Saints is like a second home. You create everlasting bonds with your classmates. The teachers are welcoming, and you feel comfortable and safe. I feel like I am getting the best education here and I love that feeling.

Sarah ~ 8th grade student

We are a Catholic school. I think it's cool that I get to learn about my faith and still learn other things. Also, I feel like I can be myself.

Allison ~ 6th grade

Altogether our children have been through 11 years of preschool. We have had many wonderful teachers, but Mrs. Kardaras is at the top of the list. My son learned so much and felt so loved in her classroom. We can’t believe the details he shared with us regarding Bible stories, saints, and his understanding of the monthly virtues and how to practice them. The art projects were amazing … creative, age appropriate, and FUN. And I loved being in the classroom and witnessing the loving and positive atmosphere that was always present. It's obvious Mrs. Kardaras cares so much for each of the children as the unique little individual that God made them to be.

As always, thanks to Mr. Conroy for all he does to make All Saints such a wonderful school! Teachers like Mrs. Kardaras couldn't do what they do without the support of a great principal. :-)

Angie G. ~ All Saints Parent

My school is special because everyone gets recess, we have tasty lunches, plus interesting field trips. We have an awesome band and nice, responsible and caring students.

Brian ~ 5th grade student

I think All Saints is special because we get to practice our faith as a Catholic school. We also get to go to mass every Friday with our school.

Caitlyn ~ 6th grade student

The teachers helped me learn multiplication and at first I was having a hard time with it. They taught me until I could say my times tables in a heartbeat. All Saints is special to me because all the kids here are very nice and include me in their games. Every morning when I wake up, I am excited to learn. All Saints is the best school ever.

Elizabeth ~ 5th grade student

The teachers' expectations for all of us are high. The teachers help us to succeed and fulfill our dreams by challenging us academically. The All Saints teachers have made a difference in our lives which will last forever.

Natalie ~ 8th grade student

All Saints is special because we learn about God, we have nice classmates, we go on interesting field trips, we have awesome teachers and specials, we have tasty lunches, and the option to join clubs like band.

An ~ 5th grade student

All Saints provides a great education. Since it's small, we are able to get the help we need from our teachers, and we can be more involved in the activities that we do.

Alyssa ~ 8th grade student

I came to All Saints not knowing anyone and now everyone is there when I need them. I feel like I am always learning something new at All Saints!

Kristin ~ 6th grade student

What makes my school so special to me is the love and care we all share. We respect our school and always look out for each other.

Dianne ~ 8th grade student

I think our school is special because it is Catholic and everybody is really nice to me. We do special activities, such as the Penny Bazaar. It also helps me learn more about Jesus and the early church. The teachers at our school help us if we need extra help.

Joshua ~ 4th grade student

All Saints is a happy and religious place to be. It is fun and so many people are friendly. The teachers are very nice and teach us so much. I like the peaceful air and the friendly faces. I am happy to say I go to school here.

Mary Kate ~ 6th grade student

All Saints is great because they gave us a warm welcome as a new family. I also love the extracurricular activities, like cheerleading.

Shelly ~ 4th grade student

The teachers are nice and kind to us. They help us learn about God. We are like one huge family at All Saints.

Walter ~ 4th grade student