Little Medical School

All Saints Catholic School partners with the Little Medical School, an after school program that encourages elementary students to explore the inspiring world of health and medicine.

Through hands-on interactive demonstrations, crafts and games, the Little Medical School teaches children how the body and organs work, introduces them to medical instruments, and explores the skills that real surgeons use in surgery.

The concept is to offer small classes of 12 students led by a trained Little Medical School teacher to ensure individual attention. Our instructor will be long-time alumni parent, Mrs. Beth Ross. At the completion of the program, each child will receive a diploma and their own real stethoscope.

All Saints has also offered Little Veterinarian School and Little Dental School. More information will be available once the program is restarted after pausing due to Covid-19.

We are excited to continue this partnership in support of hands-on student learning in the STEM fields.