Special Message – February 2019

On this occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, we are pleased to share with you a special video created by the faculty, staff and students for Derreon Keng, a former first grader in our school, who is continuing to battle cancer.  We want her to know that during this difficult time, she and her family continue to be surrounded by the love and prayers of our community.

Additionally, I wish to share with you a link to a GoFundMe page created by Ms. Sama, Derreon’s mother.  As you will read in her postings, the financial impact has been great and she is most appreciative of any assistance that our community is able to provide.  Thank you to those who have already so generously responded to this need.

Let us continue to pray that Derreon may experience complete healing and that her family and caregivers may be strengthened and sustained as they journey with her.

In Christ,

David E. Conroy, Jr.