Spanish Class Bienvenidos al Español Con Señor Roy

¡Hola! Me llamo Señor Roy, voy a ser tu maestro de español a este año. I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for another exciting year at All Saints. I am looking forward to being your Spanish teacher. You will continue to explore the Spanish language and culture this year, while improving on your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Keep in mind the fantastic advantages you will enjoy by learning Spanish. Besides broadening your perspective of other cultures, it can open many doors to travel and career opportunities.

5th Grade Spanish

Examen II will be on Friday, October 19th for 5B.

Examen II will be on Monday, October 22nd for 5A.

Examen II will cover:

  1. Classroom items
  2. Making nouns plural
  3. Numbers 1-20

The Quizlet Flashcard links can be found below:

  1. Numbers 1-20
  2. Classroom Items

Rules to remember when making nouns plural.

  1. The definite article “the” needs to change from el–> los and la–> las.
  2. If the noun ends in a vowel, add +s to the noun.
  3. If the noun ends in a consonant, +es to the noun.

The test format will be multiple-choice and matching. Look at a few of the test sample questions below.

Find the correct translation.

  1. The tables

a. La mesa

b. Las mesas

c. El mesa

d. Los mesas


(The correct answer is B.)

2. The papers

A. Los papeles

B. El papeles

C. Las papeles

D. El papels

Find the correct spelling for 20.

A. Viente

B. Veinte

C. Veinti

(The correct answer is B.)