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Mrs. Pryor (Pre-K – 3rd Grade)

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PreK:PreK eLearning

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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Handwriting: Mondays

Reading Small Group: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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Reading Small Group: Mondays

Phonics & Reading Practice: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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Mathematics: Wednesdays

Reading: Thursdays


All Saints Catholic School recognizes the beauty and potential inherent within each student.  In an effort to foster continued growth, the school embraces the challenge to provide assistance and programs to serve students with special needs according to the resources available within the school.

Services provided by Resource:

  • Collaborate with parents and teachers to identify classroom and home strategies to assist students facing academic challenges.
  • Conduct student observations to identify strategies to improve academic performance and/or behavior
  • Administer informal reading assessments to determine estimated reading levels and associated reading strategies
  • Provide small group or one-on-one instruction for qualified students based on teacher referral and/or formalized testing documenting a special learning need
  • Provide testing accommodations for eligible students
  • Liaison with public school representatives and private evaluators when students are referred for evaluation for a special learning need
  • Liaison with public school representatives for the coordination of on-site speech services
  • Develop Student Assistance Plans to document classroom accommodations for students with a formally identified special learning need

When a student is struggling academically:

Parents should first conference with their child’s teacher.  Parents and teachers may contact Resource to identify classroom and home strategies to assist students with academic challenges.  Pre-referral intervention strategies are implemented to determine if a child can overcome the difficulty and experience success.  Teachers may refer at risk students to Resource for short-term, individualized or small group assistance as needed and as space is available.  Sometimes, if students are not making sufficient progress despite these interventions, parents may opt to have their child tested formally to identify a learning disability or other special learning need.


Formalized testing can be conducted through the local public school system or through private evaluation.  Resource staff assists in this process by interfacing with outside professionals as the evaluations are being completed.  If the student qualifies as having learning disability through the public school system, they will develop an Individual Services Plan (ISP); a private evaluator who identifies a student as having a special learning need should provide parents with a detailed report describing the testing, diagnosis, and classroom and home recommendations.  Parents are asked to share copies of the testing, reports, and/or ISP with the school so that a determination can be made as to how the school may meet the students’ unique learning needs.  When a student is already eligible for special education services upon enrollment at All Saints, the principal will review the current Individual Education Plan (IEP) or private evaluations and notify parents of accommodations that can be made in the school for their child. Resource staff then develops a Student Assistance Plan to implement classroom accommodations for eligible students.

On-site Speech Services:

Over the years, All Saints Catholic School has enjoyed a productive and collaborative relationship with Manassas City Public Schools on behalf of our students with special needs. In keeping with that spirit, a speech pathologist from Manassas City comes to All Saints to provide services to students who have been formally tested through the public school system and are identified as being eligible for speech services.


All information about students’ special learning needs, formalized testing, related Student Assistance Plans are handled with the utmost confidentiality and privacy.  Records which include documentation of students’ needs are confidential and are kept in separate, secured files.


“With God All Things Are Possible.”