2020 Re-opening FAQs


In an effort to promote physical distancing and reduce the use of shared space, i.e. locker rooms, the students in middle school will not change into their P.E. uniforms during the school day as they have in the past.  Instead, they will wear their P.E. uniform to school on P.E days, similar to the practice for grades K-5.

Students participating in Virtual Learning or as part of the hybrid program will be expected to wear their uniform during their school day.  This will be particularly important since students in the home environment will be interacting with their teacher and classmates via video-conference technology throughout the day.  Additionally, it will help students to recognize the value and importance of their Virtual Learning while fostering a sense of classroom community.

In preparation for the opening of the school year, we encourage parents of students in grades K-2 to practice tying shoes and buckling belts with their children.  This will promote greater independence for our youngest learners which will support our goal of physical distancing.

School Supplies:

As a school community, we will be making every effort to reduce the use of shared materials and supplies. As a general rule, students will be asked to use only those supplies provided by their parent.  We recommend that parents purchase the supplies as listed so that their children are prepared for both virtual and in-person scenarios.

Extended Day:

We are pleased to confirm that the Extended Day Program will be available for students on days they attend school beginning at 6:30 a.m. and closing at 6:30 p.m. I wish to thank Ms. Ceil Reardon, Director of Extended Day, for all of her efforts in ensuring that our program will comply with state guidelines and those of the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Cafeteria Program:

In an effort to reduce the use of shared space, students will be eating lunch in their classrooms.  We are, nevertheless, exploring the possibility of offering pre-packaged meals delivered to the classroom for those students who wish to purchase lunch.  I wish to thank Mrs. Fleisig for her willingness to serve as our new Director of Food Service as we explore the feasibility of this option.

Within the next couple of days, we will be forwarding a Cafeteria Survey to you so that we can gain a better understanding of the level of interest in our community for this service in the year ahead.