Welcome to Ms. Reilly’s Class

Thursday, March 12, 2020

  • Spelling:  study words for tomorrow’s test

  • Language Arts: Learn Pretzel poem NLT April 3rd (The earliest I will hear it recited is March 23rd). 

  • Reading:   1)read next chapter in book club book, 2) begin studying vocab for Dyamond Daniel book 

  • Religion: N/A

  • Science: N/A

  • Math:  fish tank pictograph worksheet

  • Social Studies: 1) Poster assignment # 2 due 3/19 – capital, nickname, and flag, 2) study 50 states for test on April  8th (sheppardsoftware.com is a helpful site to practice identifying all 50 states) 

  • Handwriting:  N/A

  • Other:  Math fact help:  https://coolsciencelab.com/math_magician.html

  • Special Subjects Schedule:

  • Monday- Spanish & Music
  • Tuesday- PE & Library/Technology
  • Wednesday- PE & Spanish
  • Thursday- Art & Music
  • Friday- Library/Technology

Recess/Lunch Schedule:

Recess: approximately 11:35 – 12:00

Lunch:  approximately 12:01- 12:31

Tomorrow is Mass, library/technology, and noon dismissal. Boys, please wear ties.

Today students very much enjoyed their first Junior Achievement lesson with Mrs. Copreros.  They especially liked the board game. Students also learned how to log on to Google Classroom; student username and password can be found inside the cover of their assignment book.  Then students prayed the Stations of the Cross, and we came back to the classroom and packed up.

Students were sent home with books just in case the school were to close due to the corona virus.    DO NOT bring back books tomorrow as it is a very busy half day and we will not be using books.  If school is in session next week, and we need books,  I will send out an email stating which books to bring back to class for the day.   Also, the worksheets in the dark green construction paper folder that students brought home today is work to do when and if school closes.

In case of school closure, I  plan to post school work assignments on this page. The dark green folder of worksheet packets your child brought home today would be referenced as assignments on this page.  Please keep the folder in a safe place.  If other documents or worksheets are needed, I will try to upload them to Google Classroom where they could (hopefully) be accessed.

Monies donated to the rice bowls will be collected at the end of Lent (after being converted to a check); the actual  empty rice bowls will also be collected.


“With God All Things Are Possible.”