Middle School Supply List for Orientation

Attention Middle School students and families:

We are looking forward to seeing you on orientation day! Come meet and greet your teachers
and see your friends that you’ve missed all summer! Bring your smiles, but don’t bring all your
school supplies just yet! It can be a little crazy and frantic with beginning of the year excitement
on orientation day, so here are some suggestions of what to bring on orientation day and what to
bring on the first day of school.

On orientation day, DO bring your locker shelves and any locker decorations you might
want to put inside like magnetic white message boards, magnetic pencil cups, mirrors, or
decorative magnets. Feel free to set up your locker in preparation for the first day of school!
Please also bring items from the supply list below such as tissues, tissues, and hand sanitizer and
leave them in your homeroom.

Download this handout, “Organizing Materials”, and begin to assemble and label your
notebooks, folders, and binders at home. Or, you may pick it up while visiting at orientation.
On the first day of school, use the list below to identify what items to bring. Your
teachers will guide you through setting up and labeling your materials during the first week of
school. Remember to save a few brown paper bags from the grocery store as they make great

Check out “How to Make a Paper Bag Book Cover” – YouTube or wikihow.com –
Create-a-Paper-Bag-Book-Cover for step-by-step directions on how to make a book cover
from a brown paper grocery bag.

Please click on the links below includes the middle school supply list and details what to bring on orientation, what to bring on the first day of school, and what to leave at home for use later in the year.

Middle School: 2020-2021