Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit

I am writing today in regard to a legislative bill that has been introduced in the State of Virginia and that, if passed, will have a significant negative impact on All Saints Catholic School.

Delegate David Bulova (D-Fairfax Station) has introduced a bill (HB 521) to repeal the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit.  This is a program that provides over $100,000 in scholarships to students at All Saints and more than $2 million to nearly 500 students across our Diocese.

I ask and encourage you to contact your representatives to ask them to oppose HB 521 and to keep the scholarship tax credit in place.

  1. Take ACTION by contacting your legislators by going HERE.
  2. Ask your friends and relatives to help us advocate through the 2020 General Assembly session by joining our action alerts HERE (please register your home address, not your school address).

In advance, thank you for your support of this critically important cause.