Online Safety Parent Presentation

Mindful of the importance of maintaining an awareness of the risks that exist on the Internet as well as strategies for keeping our young people safe, All Saints Catholic School is pleased to host a special presentation for parents entitled Keeping You and Your Family Safe Online.  This informative session will take place during the PTO General Assembly Meeting on Tuesday, April 24thbeginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish Activity Center.

Our speaker will be Mr. Kevin Bohli, Executive Director of the Office of Youth, Campus and Young Adult Ministries for the Diocese of Arlington.  I have previously heard him present on this topic of the dangers of pornography as well as specific strategies for managing technology devices.  His remarks are compelling but also empowering as he provides very specific guidance and resources.

Given the priority that we place on student safety and the need for parents to be well informed on this issue, I am asking that at least one parent from those families with a child in grades five through eight be in attendance.  While all parents are cordially invited to participate, the topic will have particular relevance for those with adolescent children.

It is tragic that the dangers of the Internet are so widely available to young people in our society, most especially at a time when they are not yet fully formed and often unaware of the sometimes far-reaching consequences of their actions.  For this reason, we must take concrete steps to provide for the safety of our children through shared expectations and effective monitoring of their use of technology.  In doing so, we will be better able to preserve their very well-being, health and holiness.