Revised Carpool Procedures

To eliminate the need for pre-kindergarten parents with siblings to walk across the courtyard to pick-up additional children prior to returning to their cars, beginning on Monday, siblings and carpool companions of afternoon pre-kindergarten students will exit the front doors of the school immediately following the pre-kindergarten children.  They will report to the dismissal area used for the pre-kindergarten, i.e. the sidewalk directly adjacent to the driveway across from the church.  After the pre-kindergarten parents have picked up all of their children at that location, they will return directly to their cars parked in front of the church.

Due to the business of the closing of a school day and these new procedures, parents wishing to check out their child/ren at the end of the school day must do so by 2:45 p.m.  Similarly, parents who wish to communicate a change regarding pick-up arrangements and/or use of the Extended Day program should contact the office by 2:45 p.m.

Tuesday, October 17 – Revision of Afternoon Dismissal Process for the Front Parking Lot
To increase efficiency by allowing two simultaneous lanes of traffic to exit the property, parents in the front parking lot are asked to park in accordance with their preference.  Those wishing to exit via Route 28/Center Street should park in Bays 1 & 2.  Those wishing to exit via Stonewall Road should park in Bay 3.  Vehicles will be dismissed beginning with the lane closest to the exit.  For example, in Bay 1, the first row of vehicles closest to the church will exit first and be followed by the remaining rows in Bays 1 & 2.  In Bay 3, the last row which is nearest Stonewall Road, will be dismissed first, followed by the remaining rows in the bay.  In short, we will continue with the practice of “first in, first out” and begin dismissing vehicles from the outer most rows.  Orange safety cones will be used to divide the two sections of traffic.  Parents who arrive late will continued to queue behind the rows of parked cars and proceed to Bay 1 once the lanes are clear.

We look forward to implementing these changes beginning next week and hope that they result in an even more efficient and safe dismissal process for our students and parents.  Should you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Again, thank you to all who participated in the survey process.