Box Tops for Education – Oct. 31 Deadline

Teachers, Parents and Students! We only have until October 31st until our first Box Top submission for the 2016-2017 year. We would love to make this a record submission year. At the end of the year, the class room that submits the most Box Tops is awarded with a Box Top party! So far, here are the top 4 classrooms:

491 – Pre-K1,2 & 3 Mrs. Parriott/Mrs. Rogers
386 – 3A Mrs. Montano (last year’s winner)
358 – 3B Ms. Reilly
356 – 7A Mrs. DeBruyne – 7A

There are schools who collect as many as 200,000 box tops in a year! How do they do it? They send out e-mails/letters to all their relatives, grandparents, neighbors and ask them to collect for their school. We could do that too! Tap into your relatives, grandparents and neighbors and ask them to collect box tops for All Saints!